Base raid on Freelancer Starter

Just logged in to HWS EU, to see my base was being destroyed by a new player. Got a screenshot of it. What to do next?

Starter? or the pvp origin planet.

Drone attack, i have managed to save few bases but you guys need to learn and put cannon on top or so.

mcprouty: Freelancer Starter
Sayak: Aha. Drones probably took out the most of it. But when i logged in, there was a guy, with a chainsaw, destroying the base. Got a screenshot of it. Was just a temp base, but the problem is, i have to start fresh. Unless someone helps me out with some resources and a fuel tankā€¦

lol With a chainsaw? That is some dedication. If your base/cv/sv/hv was cored by drones, or any other force, general practice is that it is up for grabs and lootable. Cored structures are not protected by pve, and will despawn after a few hours. I recommend typing cb:reset into faction chat, and dropping fresh onto guardian or trader start. Freelancer is mostly for people who dont read the guide enough to know about the extra features in our server.

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