Base/ships disappeared

Hello, need help please :x

What happened:
I logged in and my base and all my ships were gone. I looked throught the Structure Commander and my stuff isnt there. Not even in ‘deleted’ state. And I logged in yesterday afternoon, so less than 24hours ago. I had a lot of stuff in this base since I was the ammo crafter of the faction. 30+ double cargo boxes full. And lots of Sathium, Iron and Concrete. Basicly, I lost everything I had. Of course I have my OCD, but it cant replace all that ammo and stuff and autominer core. :frowning:
Movius was also using my base while building his ships and such. I think he had two or three SV or HV on my base. I wouldnt know the name though.
At first, I thought it was because of the playfield reset, which would have ‘respawned’ all the drones, but Bouyaah confirmed me that he saw my base less than 8hours ago. And the drones were attacking his base not mine. And he destroyed the POIs. So I think this thought becomes invalid. Also Movius was playing at around 2,3am this morning. He would have texted me if something happened to my base.

Player(s) with issue:
NaCMel and Movius.

Na Server

Time (cb:time):
I wouldnt know when exactly it happened. Yesterday afternoon it was there. (Around 2,3pm) This morning its all gone. (11am)

This happened on Concordia VI, our donor planet.

Structure Name(s):
Emm. Ill try to remember.
BA - Mel’s Base
CV - The Emperor Pinguin
SV - The Pinguin
HV - The Scorpion

  • Movius ships that I dont remember the name of. But I know he had atleast 3 ships (Either HV or SV)

Structure ID(s):
I don’t have the structure IDs, since they don’t appear in the Structure Commander. Next time, I’ll note them down somewhere else I guess.

How can we help you now:
Well If I could atleast get my base back with everything that was in it, I would be sooooooo happy. I’m miserable right now, I was planning on stopping playing for this reason because of this. So if I could have the base back, it would be very very nice. I dont care about the ship, they were cheap ships, I just really want my base.


I restored your base for 1 mil and 2 RP… even though it would have been even more expensive.
All stuff was destroyed by drones.
You need to protect them better

Thanks a lot.

Any idea why it wasnt showing on the Structure Commander ?

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