Base still weak against sv/hv?

Hi, don’t play since a long time but maybe want to try again for a casual player, just wonder if some mechanics have change, can a single sv or hv still destroy the strongest base whatever we can put on defenses or constructions ?

Maybe weapon mechanics have change ?

Thx and sorry for the bad english :slight_smile:

Bases aren’t weak, it’s all down to the skill and experience of the pilot. I have taken down very large extremely well defended based on very inhospitable planets with nothing more than a drill and a single rocket turret. Or using a Midget SV to take down a base before you could use the drill right up to it.

So yes, you can take out a base with a SV or HV, but again it all depends on the skill of the builder and the skill/determination of the attacker. With the reintroduction of offline protection we should start to see a lot more bases in PvP, so be prepared for a possible fight.

ok thx for reply :slight_smile: i am a noob so my base was often raid, i didn t know about offline protection, i am going ton check this change.

There will probably be PvE planets as well for those that don’t want the risk of being raided at all, but they may have hostile environments to contend with.