Bases are still pointless in PvP

As an experiment i placed two bases on GG NA today, side by side, overlapping fire arcs, northern border in the back, full ammo and weapon loadout. Powered up hover heavy tank also there.

Have been taken down in less than 5 minutes. So, here we have the same problem ARK is suffering from, defence is meaningless.

Well, as a conclusion, back to hit & run coward tactics.

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Do you know what kind of vessels or structures used against your bases?

Please provide more information on what happened.

I’m not much experienced in this game. I don’t know if the bases can fix themselves in offline mode. If they can’t, there is no purpose to get stationed in PVP areas unless you want your structure destroyed. Even the weakest craft can destroy your base by hit & run & fix & hit again tactic.


Were you actively defending it? I don’t think BA’s were ever meant as a solo defensive measure. 1 person manning two BAs should be able to hold out for a bit if multiple people are assaulting. If you have 2-3 people then BAs should be able to hold out for an extended period of time unless the attacking numbers get too large.

1-2 people running interference and the other person manning turrets, adding turrets back out, fixing the towers, ect.

If you can provide more context we should be able to give advice that might make a more enjoyable experience next time.

If you are expecting BAs to be unraidable when not manned then not much we can do about that. Just isn’t possible. Humans will always beat anything the game can throw at them.

Yip I remember G-I two man defending holding off 8 of us for about 7-8 hours, its definitely possible

Well today with active defense base two of us managed to hold quite big assault for hours until reinforcements arrived. So I guess bases are OK. Everything you just put around and leave will end up stripped of turrets od destroyed quite fast.

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Well that was the first attack, 5 minutes later it was over.

26 18:56 Ranzeth ACP 3 Golden Globe HWS7-DOOM-Sattelite

I play PVP only tactial since decades and was active army officer, so i know how to build defences, these were two A.F.T. buffed bases. This is very LOL.

On regular servers with only 2 standard artillery without guided missiles and without guided FLAK plus increased range he would have taken me out in 2 minutes instead of 5 or what ? So ridiculous…

Was a CV used to tank your base guns? With this tactic I can imagen your base going down quickly, as CV tank is still crazy good.

Are ok, here is how it works and what makes bases on golden globe pointless. Was better when no CV were allowed on golden globe and their general size limited to 3 :

a) land your size 7 OP CV on golden globe tanking the base turrets at point blank
b) start your size 7 OP SV sniping the base turrets
c) you have tons of time till the HWS vessel size controls strike, 3 warnings take much more time than you need to take out the base

= bases completely pointless !


Yea if anything not class 1 lands it should be insta deleted :smiley: would be nice

Another issue is smacking towers almost on top of enemy base.

Perhaps Bases need to have other types of turrets that are not available for CVs. For example, a long range turret that emits a EMP beam, affecting a CV at long range and as it comes closer, starts shutting down more and more functions. At point blank a CV would then be useless. These turrets mounted on the planets surface could only work by using part of the planets magnetic field or some other form of backround energy not available to CVs.

Good old Shields is what we need here.

Dev’s did say something about shields are on the horizon not sure how far on the horizon but they are there xD.

I believe offensive bases are more of an issue than Cv since you can just grab your own Cv wait for enemy to leave planet and put it down.

as one of the two sv pilots that attacked your… towers. I have a lot to say about the situation.

  1. use taller towers. I used hills to bob in and out of cover while plugging at your turrets. I was able to get right on your base because the towers could not shoot down on me, making hit and hide tactics in an sv very easy.
  2. flush people who are attacking you out of these cover locations, you instead chose to cut and run… which got you out of there with more assets then you would have otherwise.
  3. actually use all of the turrets you can make… you only had a handful of turrets on each tower.
  4. don’t expect bases to be able to outsmart people. the game does not and will not ever play like that.

honestly given your behavior I had thought the intent was for them to be a distraction while you escaped in your cv, which you successfully did. they were little cheapy towers. and you were on the most sought after planet in the server.

beyond that I can only suggest you run with more people. bases are buffed, not unstoppable.

ACP TAW HPG and DIV have successfully prevented any unallied faction from having a base on planet for a whole day since server wipe including with 8+ people defending against us with two well stocked and pvp designed towers in great positions with experienced players and good pvp assets. (although that was a half day slog with the enemy choosing to just pick up most of their assets and leave after we finally stripped the turrets off one of their two towers)

Players at this point mostly try to do what you did where you hit down, slap some things up, mine as fast as you can and shoot away

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Yes I would think it would be good if anything above the playfield CV limit was instantly warped away as the server currently does when entering origin restricted spaces.

maybe but it wouldn’t be related to what happened here. the only CV in the playfield was actually his

Today i placed two other improved bases on GG, the local gangbangers and 1:1 avoiders, faction ACM, destroyed both in 5 minutes.

In the current state of Empyrion PvP- bases are completely pointless.

Bases by themselves are not enough you need defenders or they fall as they should