BC Spawn or the lack of on the Guardian Moon

I spent hours on the moon and maybe find one BC ready to harvest in a cluster. Even right after a reset ( backup restart ) there are no BC to harvest. I sat on a cluster of them for two hours no spawn. Am I missing something? what is the spawn rate once a day, week?

The respawn rate seems random from 5 mins to 30 mins. I think you just have too much competition. What I’d do is find a spot where many of them spawn and sit there waiting for them to respawn. That seems to work.

Depends on how often people visit it I guess. I had blue crystals not respawning on pve server either for up to ~72 hours and even persisting through server restarts before I found some of them respawning again on my favorite spots.

Use am:buy:bc

It’s insane i’m throwing crystals away because there is just too many now, try it you will love it.

He probably just started out. Before your BC miner reaches any value that is useable you are no longer a noob. Because they count as “rare ores” and thus only start really accumulating at miner lvl 8-10.

Harvesting BC on the dark side of the moon is much easier than the day side. Might want to limit your search to the dark side of the moon.

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There’s only cookies on that side…