Be the first, be the best! Mission rewards

Recently finished the mission, got all the rewards. Credits are in the bank, cores are being used as fuel. However, I’m not entirely sure what the Alien boxes are for. I placed what I think was the least rare to test to see if loot spawns in it, but nothing. Then I figured, maybe I get whatever I’m suppose to get by disassembling it, but still nothing.

So I am unsure what to do with these boxes and was wondering if someone could help me out here. I have Rare, Very Rare, and Ultra Rare Alien Containers left. Any help is appreciated!

faction epic gun in inventory + faction box = 3 rp,
the wrong boxes are left and and useless, sell try to sell it to the right faction,

I’m so confused. What are the boxes used for? Do I place them, sell em. I have no idea what you mean by epic gun in inventory. I didn’t get that when I finished the mission.

How it works:
For Missions, for Events, in the Blackmarket(!?), for exploring the universe in general you can get these Containers and as soon as you have them in your inventory a check is being made if you have your Epic -Origin- Weapon with you and it gets removed fairly instantly from your inventory and replaced with +3 RP.
note - if the system cannot retrieve the container, you cannot get the RP bonus

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