Become a Banker for your fellow players

Hey guys,

I had an idea, for some people out there that maybe interested in doing this and helping fellow players with credit issues within the game.

My idea is to provide wealthy players the option to lend money to other players through HWS connect, similar to the Paid NPC Trading, so instead of resources and we can give credits.

My thoughts on how this would work would be that we would have to buy a Banker support package, that package provides us with the option to lend our personal credits that we keep in a virtual vault similar to the EB bank, and players can request loans, perhaps even have the option to choose an amount. For example Oz is offering 5mil at 2% interest, Snowman is offering 10 mil at 2% interest, and so on. The interest will be paid every day, similar to the auto bank interest. Now as far as percentages go, thats a subject to be discussed more but to give you quick math, if I’m lending 100mil, thats 1 mil per day until they pay me back, simple and that gives the banker incentive to do this and incentive for the customer to pay it back as quick as possible. Now I think everyone can agree that the need for credits is huge, rather you need to buy a new bank level, upgrade your OCD, perhaps your short and have no access to fast credits, many reasons that I believe we can come up with here.

With that said, there is work involved for HWS staff to do and Im not sure how much time it would take to setup, but its potential income for HWS, that a banker would have to buy every season and it helps with frustrated players who don’t always have the time or the skill to get where they want to go in the game.

Now I also know a player can quit anytime, and not pay back the loan, so in that case if this doesn’t work, we could still have something similar but allow us to trade credits on the market for other things, ya theres no interest but we can get what we want in return, for example pay 100 gold ingots for 25000 credits, or charge what you want, example below

19-10-11 16:39 Sell Item
Received 100 Gold for selling 25000 Credits to Wowie.

This of course means the person who is selling credits needs to have space in their inventory to accept the new items, or it can be automatically deposited in their OCD.

One more idea before I go, if this is still to much work to make it plausible, then we can have a spot at the bank, and use the trading stations to sell credits, that way its the most simple way of doing this, and advertise it well at the bank so players see it and know how to use it.

Let me know what you guys think


I will not make a long and explaining reply here.

I agree with you, vote 1