Best weapon setup for CV in PVP

Hopefully some of the experts have a hint :

If i target only the generators, in theory, i should have shut down the enemy ship when i have destroyed all generators .

In reality, only a few of my CV guns seem to shoot the enemy. If i set two different target priorities, e.g. „generators + warp drive“ all guns become busy.

Does anyone have a hint for a good CV weapon setup ?

If you target only gens and someone is using numerous small gens as distractions then they’ll strip your turrets before you do them any meaningful damage.

Targeting the warp core may be more effective as they can only have one of those and you’ll do a lot of damage on the way through.

Turret/gun targeting is countered by legitimate placement on the better builds. Occasionally though you fight someone with illegally covered/clipping turrets (you know who you are!) and these will likely outlast yours.

Best setup is to be flexible but setting priorities is a cumbersome affair at present. We really do need to be able to set priority by group. Click turret group, click for example warp core - all done. Instead of this tiresome clicking through each of the 42 turrets.

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Cv battles are kind of a waste of time, if you target anything but turrets your are gonna have a bad time.(assuming 2 actual fighting ships). And theres no easy way to switch to other components once the turrets are significantly dampened. Im my ship for instance i would remove the warp core if i knew i was going to get into a fight. Its chamber is 2 blocks from my cockpit so if i need it i just get out and slap a new one in(I have 1 in every cargo box and my inventory). Same with gens, cockpit, etc. And it has close to 100 red cv thrusters.(yes this is within current hws size class). Pride fighting is fun a few times then recycle/repair gets old. There is nothing of value to really fight over in space to make it worth it.

One of the big issues with CV fights is that there aren’t that many decisive ‘fleet’ actions in which two major factions are prepare to lose entire ships.

In a decisive faction-wide fleet-scale battle you’d have two navies basically go at it in a huge war attrition; with ships ocassionally pulling back to replace and reinforce essentials such as turrets and engines and gennies.

Instead because it’s solo players vs solo players these days most do not wish to lose their warp drive; and the easiest way to do that is to either a: Target enemy turrets or B: warp away.

Hopefully next season we’ll see some significant and decisive fleet-wide full-scale battles again now the CV combat config is heading in the correct direction.

Obviously the more cvs there are the bigger the performance hit however; but it’s better than it used to be :slight_smile:

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Wise .

So true Wise, i have beautiful Star Wars PVP CVs on stock, but cant use them because there are no fleet battles and single players warp out.

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So warp after them :slight_smile:

This brings not the solution, the solution would be : Different vessel max speed, dependent on mass and thrusters.

Alas warping after them doesn’t really work, if only there was some sort of ‘warp-cooldown’ feature even if it was only a minute or so, it would at least give people a small window :slight_smile:

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I was pursued through 3 systems by 4 UP a few weeks back :slight_smile: and I chased someone from BH to HW today and destroyed them. So it is possible - as long as they dont have loads of pentax on them.

Personally Daddystu i think that tale is more the exception that proves the rule :stuck_out_tongue:

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If you want a nice tidy rule :slight_smile: - The greater the numbers involved on each side the greater the liklihood of spotting the enemy after warping to the next system. In fact a successful spotting becomes the rule rather than the exception as numbers increase :slight_smile:

Back on-topic - the best chance of stopping a runner in this scenario would be to target the warp core.

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Good luck hitting the warp core inside my size 7 death star :slight_smile:

But seriously, till there is a solution for warp runners CV battle is pointless.

We could make a gentlemen agreement : Nobody is running from an encounter ?