Betrugs aufklärung

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What happened:
=> kurz nachdem Insap und ich aus eton raus teleportiert wurden(obwohl U-T auch als EV gewinner gezählt wurde) haben wir uns neue sv´s per BP gespawnt und wollten auf den Planeten zurück und auf den weg dahin war Politary von der Fraktion FU mit einem sv und hat unsere gepanzerten sv´s trotz schild bei insap mit einem schuss jeweils alles im schiff zerstört, den kern, das 900hp kockpit und so weiter. das alles mit einem schuss und innerhalb von 30sek.

Player(s) with issue:
=> Insap, Pestboy, Politary

=> EU

Time (cb:time):
=> kurz nach 19:00uhr nach dem das eton Event zuende war

=> Eton Orbit

Structure Name(s):
=> pest bringer (Pestboy), xx_Diamant_xxTEST (insap)

Structure ID(s):
=>14574323 xx_Diamant_xxTEST(Insap), 14574322 pest bringer (Pestboy)

How can we help you now:
=> ich muss glaub ich nicht betonen wie wichtig es ist sich von Betrügern zu distanzieren.

Looks like you made this topic in German so I couldn’t read it and reply properly. Luckily for me, I have a translator and know how to use it. I used Slazer. Take a look at this ship in garage then check EWS system before reporting me. Thanks.

It does not matter what kind of SV you fly there you could also have 100 puls laser dranne, but 2 people in not even 20 sec cockpit and core just to shut it out is really bigger chance that you have to give yourself !!! For once my SV shield had and no damage

I shot your shield with 2 shots then shot the ship itself in some more. I was literally flying a ship made for space combat.

Not in the short time one man creates a slazzer I myself have already flew that …

Buying ship is not enough. You need a good aim too.

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I hope rexxxus will take a close look and hopefully remember that you are not playing fear

I hope false accusations won’t be unnoticed.

Only that, the problem is that two people happened that even as your statement is quite unbelievable

2 people have no idea how to fly in space. There was a third one after you both combat logged. He tried to maneuver a bit and sirvived longer.

We just had enough drama. You really have to start another one?

Focus on facts and not on social issues you have with each other. Real life is hard enough, you don’t have to get it into the game.
Also be careful to accuse someone before you know all the details. Such reports should clear the matter and not start accusations. And its obviously heading that direction.

Anyhow, if no one submits prove and no one is willing to get the emotions out of this and concentrate on real facts, this case is closed. So let me know when you are willing to talk like human beings.

@Politary please write me a PM with your view of the matter

Thank you

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