Bh bugged

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What happened: BH playfield keep losing connection
Player(s) with issue: Me and other players
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): 21
**Playfield:**Black hole
Structure Name(s): Write here
Structure ID(s): Write here
How can we help you now: Restart or fix black hole. Also yesterday at nearly same time keeps disconnecting to all people joining.

Hmm… I will check

Holding judgement (not against you Rex)

Dev is checking right now.
The log is full of exceptions

17-18:29:05.175 20_29 -EXC- ExceededIdListException: Exceeded id list

Seems to be related of tons of entities again.
Some smart guy drilling asteroids without a harvest box?

We are investigating


IMPORTANT: @Politary @Keiffo @Paxxo1985 @Darkside … Were one of you drilling the “Golden Globe Brother” asteroid before the disconnect happen?

no our faction dont drilling what moment. our member fought on GG when we out to orbit BH we have disconnect

I was flying over gg then got attacked by Paxxo and Loopsiy. After that I backed up to the orbit, they followed me and then black hole started lagging

I was following a guy from gg to bh and connection lost. There was a battle on gg of 30 minutes before. Same thing happened yesterday.
Long Battle on gg - Go in space and connection lost.
Yesterday happened at 19:00

I gotta say server stability has been atrocious.

We think we found the reason for that issue at least.
Hotfix coming soon hopefully.

Can you specify your cloudy mysterious sentence to something solid, so we can actually work on it?

I had to wipe Black Hole on EU.

If I missed a ship to restore, plz let me know

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