Big thanks to SWP and UP for a great evening

I got home and logged in just to find SWP calling PKA out for a fight…

In my mind i thoght that this will be easy and gathered up the PKA fleet to clear our out homeworld space from that nasty pirates. We jump there in good spirit and after some searching we found 4-5 ships floating in space.

I could just hear my self saying FIRE and we attacked the first ship we saw… After a short time we understood that we where heavily undermanned due to SWP and UP joining forces to take us out.

After 6 hours of fighting you could look around and see millions of dead crews and millions of resources lost in battle.

We do not know how many ships where in the fight but it was enough to make Rexxxxus and achilles hair grey when the server play field crashed again and again and again. Still noone gave up.

I just want to say thank you to everyone who made this fight.
We all lost some ships and we all stole some other ships. But it the end it was a good fight.

So i bend my knees and bow deeply to the ones who planed this fight. Well done and well played.


Zappe21 - Commander of PKA


Yep. It was great fight! But we still want more :sweat_smile:

And ofc thx to all, who join dat party! Friday was cool!:sunglasses:

Some shots from fight:

Server need more POWER! All fight 1-3 fps x_X 3 time playfield down. 6 time all players were disconnected due heavy package lost. In Sum waste near 1 hour for reloging. Ihope Rex got server Logs from dat battle - that gonna be interesting material for Devs.

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Hey maaan that was mass crazy :sweat_smile: I think Rexxus and Achilles get more than one grey Hair^^ So must it be! I LIKED IT! THX to PKA. I love that fights! But now I have pain in my fingers after hours and hours of fight :joy:

But pls!

That Ship “The ARC II” whats up with that ship?
Every time I see that Ship, and only that Ship i Have 10-20 Seconds 0 FPS and big Lag?
Destroy that thing^^

I learned something! Fighting wihtout Turrets is Hard :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

Perhaps could someone of the Admins make a Statistik how much Ships was fighting??? It was soo much I cant count it !

And yes Server needs more Power or a Complete Clear system to make Fights?

Go on. see you next fight! Make it great again! On 5.3 Everything would be new in the Fight. Must build a new ship ^^

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Good Game SWP and UP ! Was fun to fight you alongside our trusted allies :slight_smile:

Thanks for the BIG and wery fun Fight guys. A bit Laggy :smiley: but funny.
@Stunner666 I am the owner of “The Arc” and “The Arc II”. Trust me there is nothing wrong no Connector No Cones or round blocks. I have 30 Triangles around the core to prevent lagshots but nothing more of this 10k blocks 277 devices. 14 Lights and i turn them off before fighting. No growing pods so no light… If you dont trust me i can giv you BP i dont hide anything or i can let an admin Look at it. I dont know if the turrets (which are almos all in the front part and shoots all toghether) may be the problem, but I cant do anything about it.

Anyway it was a very good fight thanks

wow… as far as I can see over 100 Structures with over 10k devices were counted more then usual in that orbit.

Happy to hear that both parties enjoyed the fight!

Yeah i fully agree, it was an epic fight.
Thanks a lot to all participating!:grinning:

Please don’t use the “up side down” - front to back ships building - it is cause critical lags. So some m\s extra speed do not cost of it.

Archangel I dont know why, but fact is, everytime I see the Arc I and my members get massiv lags or DC. Look the last fight in Zion Orbit. We fight first against the black Stardestroyer then comes 3 more PKA Ships. We had some lags but is was playable. And Then (I dont know if you was ist) there comes one of that ARC Ships and we all three have massiv laggs and 0 Frame for a while. Me and Pay coul fly back, but Bersi has in that moment where he saw the ARC an DC and lost his ship (Nebulator). He cant do anything.
Yesterday 10vs10 it works better than I ever thought, but the ARC comes and boom. I had two times DC, both times I flew near you and get a kick from the server…
How much Triangles has that Ship completly? We get every time problems with that shipclass. Is it over Class 4?

Another Question, where was Blackswan yesterday? Was he in fight? I thought he flies the Black Stardestroyer?? So I make a big Window in that ship but it wasnt Blackswan? Whats the Ship of Blackswan? :laughing: :sweat_smile:

Last but not least. That fight was Mega!
Personal Statistik:

I fired over 70.000 Pulaser and more than 2.000 Rockets without Autoturrets. That was funny :smiley:

We make PVP great again :joy: :innocent:

The Arc is Class 3 Ship with 115000 triangles.
On the Zion Battle i was the first ship coming in help so if you had lag when there were 3 or more ships it was not me that bring lag to you
Asu yesterday i was one of the first to get in battle so if the lag come after it is not a problem of the arc but maybe of one of the other big ships.

At last i dont know, i will ask an admin to verify my ship. That is all i can do.

Ps Unfortunally due to the massive damage it sustained The Arc need to be deconstructed… one minute of silence for a ship that brought me save so many times.

See you in space