Black Aces

Black Aces is a gaming community from EvE Online which has recently transitioned to Empyrion to try something new. Right now we have almost 20 members through various time zones. We are PvP oriented, however we align ourselves with protecting traders and the alliance. Lawless, Bounty Hunters, and Pirates are considered kill on sight unless involved in a joint operation. Traders and Alliance will not be fired upon unless provoked. Should any trader or alliance faction fire upon black aces the faction will be black listed and be considered kill on sight.


CAP (combat air patrol which involves the deployment of a Chimera-Class Strike Carrier and 12 man squadron to protect a defined zone for a period of time)
Emergency Rescue (Traders & Alliance Only)
Escort and Scouting
PVP Field Base Destruction (limited to 1 base per faction per week to avoid griefing)
Wars (Not against Traders or Alliance unless blacklisted)

All of the above services have fees associated which can be paid in either credits or ore of the same market value with the exception of Wars in which the hiring party is responsible to replacing any losses sustained on top of a daily operations fee. All prices for services rendered will be discussed as they will be determined on a case by case basis.

Current Black List:

Good Fights

We are always looking for content so if you wants to have a honored 5v5 or 3v3 in any system let us know. As long as we have pilots willing we will arrange the fights. This makes for great learning experiences for new players and great fun for the older ones. In any honored fight to the victor goes the spoils. Anyone who breaks the fight agreement will be black listed. Pilots may not spawn in new ships once destroyed. CVs may not assist in any manner other than bringing the SVs to the playfield. A modified docking collar is suggested to minimize exposure to players who may not honor any agreement we have such as pirates lurking in the area. As this is a space fight empty your personal inventory before getting in your SV. You may not do any in space repairs to damaged SVs until the fight is over AND you are the victors. We expect to lose a bunch of ships to this and have tons of fun.

Rule Violations:

Should any of our members openly attack any Trader or Alliance faction without being provoked please contact Black Aces command or post here so we can reimburse any losses sustained. Be prepared to show proof via video or screenshot. If there continues to be a dispute we will work with admins to resolve.


Sonichaze - Commander In Chief
Mavericksfd - Captain, Chimera-class Strike Carrier Group


If you have read our post and are interested in joining simply contact one of the command staff in game and we will get you sorted out. We look forward to being able to have two deployed carrier groups at any given time.

Good Hunting,

Black Aces Command

Nice to see a Lawless group establishing an identity at least xD If I liked PvP in it’s current state I’d join you guys, inactive as I am.

Great to see some organisation, hopefully the game will progress from its severely broken and imbalanced state to something where this will be a fruitful venture. All the best!!