Black Hole Generator and Black Hole Energy Building Missing from Cryo A1?

I am doing the Prof. Voids Mission to find the code for the hidden door in his house.Have found the Black Hole Reaserch Hub and Black Hole Miner,has anyone located them yet?Thanks to Rex for all the new POI on starter planet!

Oh, sorry, I have to implement them. Somehow they didn’t get spawn via the yaml.
Implementing them could be difficult though since it would require a complete wipe of the planet… ui ui ui… have to think about it…

Glad you like the other new ones!

Rex if it involves a planet wipe I say let it go till next season.I will find that code next time! Thanks for the reply!

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If the buildings are not in the game till next season can you Give us the first 2 numbers for the code to the secret room. Please!! i got the 3rd and 4th ones :wink: