Black Hole Miner and Black Hole Research Hub

Please direct me to the Black Hole Miner and Black Hole Research Hub. In my game the POI does not show in the registry of Freelancer Cryo.
The other POI was found on the moon, but these two suppose to be on the Cryo but all stations here are unidentified by some strange reason.

Both are on the planet.

Well but how can I identify them? There are plenty of alien bases on the planet. I adress to a bug (or a feature, i dont know): on other planets than you approach a POI the game shall show up a notice (some sort of “Player X has discovered an X”) and the mark associated with this POI on the map shall be generated. But not on Freelancer Cryo.
Could you give a coordinates or fix this bug? Thank you.

So wait, you never discovered them yet or you did and you didn’t get the message “You discovered Black Hole Research Hub” etc. ?

Maybe I have already discovered it because I have almost completely surveyed the planet and maybe not, I dunno. But I never (!) recieved any message “You discovered Black Hole Research Hub” etc. Nor any other message of that sort regarding any other POI. Than I approach a POI on this planet I can see it but got no name for it and there are no map markers for it. So I have to mark these bases on the map manually. But I never know the exact type of the POI.
On other planets everything is normal.

Hmm sounds like a bug to me then. But if you discovered them already as you said it is easy to “fix” by setting markers / waypoints on the map.

Well just to clear up: i didnt said that i have discovered it. I cannot be sure of what i have discovered because the game do not report to me what i have discovered exactly.
So if i see an outpost (many of them) - how could i know that one certain outpost is the Black Hole Miner or Black Hole Research Hub??

Ah, well then just search more :wink:

with the message “You have discovered XY POI” but more importantly you see the purple name tag in your HUD

Well again i never recieved the message of that sort on Cryo. And there are no purple name tag in my HUD on Cryo.
Here are how my maps is looks like:

No purple name tags at all.

Identified Black Hole Research Hub with DI command, at last. Still Black Hole Miner remains.

Wow and the Black Hole Miner too.
If somebody ever catch this bug of no POI identification - use in the console the command “di” it will show the names of entities in close range.

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