"Black Manor" ECC mission for more players instead of solo?

Dear HWS team,

i like the mission, but it is demotivating, that it can not be done together with my faction friends, and i see no logical reason for it. Could you please change that ? It is not even possible, that they receive a seperate instance of the mission.

So they are forced to wait bored to death till i finished.

Thank you for checking.

There is no mission called “Haunted House”.
If I know which one you mean, I can consider.

@RexXxuS from the description, he could be referring to black manner.

now that we have loot consoles at the end of missions, we can open them up for everyone. including non-faction members.

I say we do a few test runs of unlocking portal missions for all players just to see how it goes.


Black Manor!?

Open up for everyone?
You mean I should remove the flag that only faction members can enter?
And the count? Max. 4 players?

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lol yes manor. voice recognition fun :wink:

it is an easy mission but it would be nice to have teammates just for fun. perhaps one day there may be a way to add more NPC spawns depending on how many players join the mission.

I say do a trial run of removing the max player count just to see if it works well. can always be reverted if people start to exploit.

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Yes sorry, Black Manor. Would be really nice if we could enter together with friends.

For all these “Way too easy for more than one !!!” crybabies let me answer this : Not everyone is a natural born 500 HWS-seasons-superhero with endgame weapons able to solo the mobs naked and one-handed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My friend is new here on HWS and not (yet) proud owner of 7000 quantum cores :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I agree, it would be great if more people could enter…it’s a great starting mission to wet your appetite for more missions

I like these missions as well, you have to use your brain to solve them.

For the Zirax you have to use your plasma cannon to solve them :stuck_out_tongue:

Bug or Feature ?

I met 2 times the following experience : After solving the first part some doors do open, BUT there is an invisible wall, preventing the player from entering or leaving through these open doors.

I met this 2 times now, logging out aso is not solving the issue.

Can anyone confirm ?