Black Market Trader temporarily disabled

Hello HWSers!

Due to a serious technical issue on the backend, the Black market trader system has been temporarily disabled until 6.

As you may have noted, the IDs have been removed from HWS Connect which made it impossible to see what IDs to use to buy items. Unfortunately, while you could BUY from BM, if you knew the ID, the sales were not providing revenue to the seller.

Recovering items is a fair bit of work and may not be worth the effort for all BM entries to return to seller. if you truly feel you must have the items back, you will need to log a support request directly in the Get Support forum and providing as much data as possible (screenshots of individual lines you need addressed in HWS connect may help). You will be responsible to do this for your own items – no items will be automatically returned and should be considered β€œlost” otherwise.

Sorry for the inconvenience, Fam! Happy Surviving!

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For all those who want to take their stuff off the market (first column is the ID):

NA Server:

EU Server: