Black Market


I have a Idea about the black market for rounding up the game. I think actually it’s just more a “dead” market than a “black” market so i think some Idea could be for interest:

Maybe it would be good to include a buyers service option for about 20% extra tax for the buyer. This could deliver the goods to each trading stations of the system. Starters included. Shady business doesn’t know any corner just the correct amount of cash.

It also would deliver the game with following improvements:
It would open a bigger and more dynamic market system with more interesting trading options. The ~20% delivery tax ensures a nice balancement beetween flying elemental, buying tax or for the best price move to the black market with the risk to get cashed by some pirates.

The starting players also have the better option to stay for a while on the Starters with more interest features.

Some ideas…

Greets Barbabele

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sounds good but also would be great to sell anywhere with a 20% broker payment (even a 30% for sell good in the comodity of the starter planet would be interesting) or something like that so dont have to go to specific location to sell


thanks for your feedback.
Well our marketplace is maybe not so handy with a GUI but we had it first xD

No - what do you mean actually? We can’t deliver trades to the trading stations if I understand you correctly.
Or do you mean that I just should put in these black marketplace zones in all starter systems so they can “trade” from everywhere?

Just to add - i think the BM adds a little more weight to my suggestion for implementing the mechanism to allow a courier service – I’ll buy X for you, you let me pick it up. :wink: risk, community, a job market, something to feed the hunter boards for doublecrosses, etc.

I don’t know what you mean with “we had it first” ^^, please excuse. It works it’s fine also as a browsergame :slight_smile:

I mean actually there isn’t a lot of traffic on the black market. I still wasn’t there but I remember to read somewhere the black market zones are on 2 pvp systems. The two places you can receive your goods.

Elemental market is placed well in the middle as pve. I think it would open some interesting doors if the possibility exists to buy stuff from the black market on all trading zones, pvp same as starter pve, for a higher price. No really delivery need, just a black market zone with additional “tax for delivery”.

Some stranded players can come back with using more features like cb:reset. Assumed I lose my ship on a planet and find a trading station and have a lot of cash (it’s also a special taxed black market zone). I think it would be a nice option to pay whatever I can to resurrect back in game. And also gives the market more meaning.

With the actual market system each trading station is isolated, most of the trading stations have no real meaning. I don’t know how high should be the tax that it’s in balance with elemental, but there are a lot of imaginable options like an additional waiting time as buyer and so on.

Think something like that would make the games bigger. Isolated trading is mostly not the best option, may we will see it with Trump :blush:


My black market conception comes in part from Elite where you get an additional bonus from the merchandise that is banned in that system and you should deal with the system’s police before entering the sales station, and in it you should not sell to the Legal merchants, you will look for illegal merchants. That said, for a black market to work, we would have to have items that would be banned in certain sectors of the universe and released into others.

For example: In the Guardians sector the sale of weapons is prohibited, but in the pirate sectors it is not, in contrast, you can not sell ammunition in the pirate sector, but can sell in the guardian sector, hence it happens that selling ammunition to the pirates generates A profit of +/- 20 or 30% on the value if sold in the guardians’ sector, in the same way selling arms in the guarding sector generates a profit of equal value, well above the market value if it were sold in the pirate system.

But I do not know if it would be possible to do such things at the current stage of the game …

Obs: I used the example of a weapon and ammunition for illustration only …

Anyway, the black market is dead cause it’s not attractive to buy something there. And it is nonsense to be able to receive goods at one point only. In a fictional future …