Block limit question

There is no block limit to SV/HV. So can I make an SV with 500.000 blocks and use it to kill CV’s? I mean basically I can tank way more than a CV. Sure it will lack firepower but the insane amounts of layers of armor will make up for that.

And what about docking gigantic SV walls onto my CV?

Gaint SV walls onto your CV… thats pure genious you should have just used that instead of telling everyone about it lol

These things are pushing the rules soooo insanely far that I would give it a 33/33/33 on whether you get a punishment, or sudden rule change or that it is actually allowed. Technically it’s allowed but this is deep into the gray area for sure.

Also not sure about being allowed to use decoy cores (docked ships) to direct enemy fire to absurd places. Was allowed in 4.0.

Especially with the 20k block limit we must push our designs to the limit to win. Can’t just smack another 200k blocks onto it to win anymore.

Right. The principle behind the limit is important. If you build ships to lag others or the server we will intervene.

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[quote=“Jascha, post:4, topic:3128”]
If you build ships to lag others or the server we will intervene.
[/quote]That’s the thing, they are not built to lag others, they are only built to make enemy turrets ‘miss fire’ or to add extra layers of armor, they have probably only like 8 devices + core each which is why they don’t break any rules.

However they give a seriously unfair advantage and are pushing the gray area a lot as this is an obvious attempt to circumvent the 20k limit. But on the other hand we are pushed to make better designs and this is a better design (actually ALL better designs involve pushing rules, always was and probably always will be). And in the past we were often allowed to find “smart designs” to circumvent rules but create the same performance drain (probably even more).

Docking SV’s will increase performance drain of course a bit with each docked SV but that is not the intent and in 1-1 fights this should not be a problem. I did some tests with 5000 devices and at around 6000 is the point where I start crashing/dc-ing (so I can have up to 11 other max-device ships near me before I crash). This is of course hardware dependent for each player. But if you go into large scale combat in Empyrion on a ‘supermarket laptop’ then yeah…
But I don’t know if docked ships cause a big performance issue by themselves. After all, big CV carriers are also allowed and they have many docked SV’s. And then there are CV’s that carry a lot of combat SV’s with them. They are also not against the rules.

So basically the short answer is: “As long as you don’t lag (I assume that client performance/FPS also falls under this) other players out it’s fine”. But it is really hard to tell when you ‘lag’ other players out. Some people crash at maybe 1000 devices and others like me at ~6000.

Obviously this is something the devs should address at some point (more culling whatever) at the very least for the client. I can even crash myself in singleplayer at some point by using too many devices (no log file). For the meantime we can dock a few SV’s then. A few won’t lag others out and still acts as nice&cheap side-shields.

I think that if you only build Svs that serves as complementary armor in more important areas (similar to the battleships of World War II) with few devices, it would be something like an extra hull for the ship, which you can for several layers of blocks , But the effect of disperse fire will be only at the beginning because as these blocks are weaker, then the core of them will be hit, and there will be only the shield that would have taken some damage … in summary it will not make a big difference, unless This same protection is in the external area around the core, so it will delay a little that damage arrives in this area, especially the missiles …

You can put the core of the SV in a totally different place (careful not to break the core rule! Yes this is all super gray area) or even surround it by CV blocks. Lots of ways to deal with that problem. But yes obviously the core of the docked SV’s must be tactically placed or you will just put yourself at a distadvantage instead.

Like a shield on the front, but the core of the SV is all the way in the back of the CV or something like that. Just make really long SV’s. SV armor is weaker but also cheaper and lighter.

I do not know if the weight of the ships embarked influences the displacement of the CV, this is a mechanic that should exist, the weight of the ships embarked, but I think this does not change the movement and speed of the Cv.

But on armor Sv, have the nucleus destroyed or not independent if it is on the target area where the core of the CV is, anyway it will act as a mitigator of damage and give you a small advantage over your opponent.

Here is an example of extra shielding to protect the main hull, used in IJN YAMATO, Japan’s largest warship in World War II.

A lot of things provide only small advantages. But when I add all of those small advantages to one ship, I get a ship (that the admins won’t like and is borderline legal) that will faceroll most other ships. The key is that it all adds up. The hard part is always figuring out if it’s allowed or not. We already know from 4.0 that you can get punished for something that is not in the rules so that is the hardest part really.

And honestly on the EU server there are hardly any good ships. The NA people for some reason build better ships and bases.
In 5.0 I spawned a regular ship for once. But it’s so fragile and that feeling when you fly a regular ship is gonna be horrible lol. No more advantages over other players by superior design…

I look at the bps of the workshop and in most of them almost 95% do not fit for pvp and the 5% that can do something, need drastic adjustments, and location of equipment, excess of unnecessary devices, absurd consumption of fuel, an unnecessary number of Propellers and from there for worse … it may be that most in EU, use bps of the workshop and most of the Na prefer to make and modify their ships, I even have a 6 different ships that evolves from a bp and after the battles I’m correcting the weaknesses of the project …

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