Blocks SV 500 HP, enable or disable



The admins should decide the permissible use of such blocks or not, that’s the only purpose of this topic.


I’m a bit confused.

Are these in old blueprints? And these old blueprints can be spawned into server?

Even though eleon has removed these blocks from game?

If this is the case — the blocks not being available to all players — should therefore not be allowed in game (in my opinion).


These blocks are not in the game at all, here are paired IDs, somehow you can replace them. These are not old ship designs built according to the new server rules, with a light protection


Hello Black Metal my friend. I don’t think you understand my point :slight_smile:

Sharing someone elses BPs is against the rules, i’m telling you this as part of the rules. More importantly until Rexxus can confirm or not if it is legal, you should probably not share it. Just a polite and friendly heads up from your friends on the other side of the alliance :slight_smile:

So instead of making the BP public by this post, best to send it privately to Rexxus on discord :slight_smile:

Best regards to you :slight_smile:

I’m afraid i didn’t understand the last bit. ‘You carry for nonsense.’


I guess still not clear to me — maximum hit point for sv I know of is 200.

Not understanding how to get to 500 — unless it’s another… eleon loop hole.

Ok — I’ll just sit back and read.


It is possible to prohibit the data blocks to be assembled by the parser, but it will not be possible to prohibit making ships of them in creative


If you think that you will fly on tanks and scare others that you would not use, then you are Naive. Your drawing was won in battle and revealed an imbalance and honesty of the battle, I think the rule in such situations should be to retreat and give the proceedings a way.

Если вы считаете что будите летать на танках и пугать других что бы не использовали, то вы Наивны. Ваш чертёж был выигран в бою и выявил нарушение равновесия и честности боя, считаю правило в такие ситуации должно отступить и дать разбирательству дорогу


I had a rest.
Darkside already send me everything I need to know.
I don’t understand why you create duplicate content @BLACK_METALL.

Once I found the real ID of that old armor block, I see if I can hack something in our HWS Config and align the hitpoints with the other blocks.

Once I am ready investigating I will announce the change.
Until then I lock this - for reasons.