Blocks SV 500 HP, enable or disable



In the game there are blocks for small tonnage ships, with a strength of 500 HP. This brings into play a certain dibalance. I will cite as an example a completely cheater ship, Equipped with armored plates, old blocks, as a result, the strength of a ship is 2.5 times higher than usual, mas is less. Is that what the fuck ships for such ??? You call them Russian cheaters, I’m shocked by the ships on the server.


He dropped the sample, the disassembler disassembled into the necessary blocks


Although i cant claim to know anything about your accusation. I can point out that sharing other players blueprints is A: Against the rules. But B if this IS a broken ship, then the bp of it should not be shared for all to use as that would make it VERY hard for Rexxus to enforce.

Just my advice, i’ve notified @Elfias That this thread is up so he can respond to it.

(Just remove this bit basically at the end of this sentence.)

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Elfias hasn’t logged in for an age and loads up an old BP - immediately he’s a cheater. You’re funny. Then you break the rules laid out on HWS yourself by sharing the blueprint (did you get any permission from Elfias to do this?). Go fix your own shit before slinging shit at others. Thanks.


The ship was created from the full cheater units, the old blueprint built according to the new rules that you carry for nonsense


Also, best check with your alliance members before shining a light on this. I think this’ll hurt you more than it hurts Elfias - he’s genuinely ignorant of what’s wrong here. However, there are some long term players who have been using this mechanic for quite some time and I’m betting they won’t like you bringing attention to this. At all…


Seriously, I fought with different ships, with one everything is fine, while others are almost indestructible, the blocks are badly damaged, why such drawings can be put on the server at all, there are no such blocks in the game


Well, if you’d like to point me in the direction of the rule Elfias actually broke here, that’d be great - but I’ve a feeling sharing his BP (especially when you consider it a cheat) is far worse. You’re doing a fantastic job of not only annoying some players in your own alliance but also shooting yourself in the foot. Good luck with that!


I also want to use lightweight blocks with increased strength. But if I’d use them, I’ll bet you would be the first to start screaming that all Russian cheaters, although we usually learn from you


Perhaps this issue should have been raised with HWP Police - rather than in general discussion.


You did not understand, I want these blocks to be either prohibited on the server or allowed on this server


And what have the pollicia here, I suggest everyone either to use this or not. To avoid a few players who have advantages over others


An elfias is not the only case. We shoot down other small ships and watch history repeat itself. On many downed ships in the game consist of armor plate. The question in this thread is not a complaint against the player. We need to define the rules. Or all use armor plate or anyone is not allowed. Be a hero-pilot, using the cheating is comical


I’ve no words for your generalisations - do you want me to list the exploits you and your faction have been found guilty of and punished for? Like I said, get your own house in order first. Also, posting about rule breaking then BREAKING THE RULES YOURSELF is a little self-defeating. And thirdly, like I’ve hinted already, I can name at least 2 Russian pilots who’ve been using this in the past, but of course that’s pointless as their ships will vanish the moment I do. I’m all for Rexxus looking in to this, as this kind of advantage is a joke - but I’ve a feeling you’ve just drastically annoyed several of your own alliance bringing this up on the forums.


Why wipe your slippers, this is not a bug, and not a ship cheating can be put on the server, let them just be officially allowed and let the rest know about it and that’s all


It should if possible be prohibited.


I don’t care deeply what and where the offenses were, it doesn’t matter now, Elfias should not be punished, since he is innocent of anything, you don’t confuse the charges with the proposal to use blocks


I do not want to spend the time, resources and forces, changing 3-5 ships in attempts to kill such here ships. This block demands a strong rebalans.


Yes, I agree, but if for example this can not be done? So let them be allowed to look at the other way and you will use a ban for it for you, although you are not guilty.


Just set HP of such blocks = 100. :wink:


At the moment, it is necessary to decide officially, or these blocks are allowed to ALL to use or prohibit ALL. Because it is very difficult to fight with such ships on standard ones, the feeling that you are cycling against tanks. Play honestly and there will be mutual respect, otherwise you take it on the Reds that they are guilty of all human sins, and you can’t even fight honestly yourself. Let the administration decide officially, BUT my opinion these blocks should be banned before the ban, for use after the ban has been launched, and blocked on the server.

На данный момент нужно решать официально, либо эти блоки разрешено ВСЕМ использовать или запретить ВСЕМ. Потому что с такими кораблями на стандартных биться очень сложно, ощущение что на велосипеде против танков. Играйте честно и будет взаимное уважение, а то на рэдов валите что они виновны во всех человеческих грехах, а сами честно даже воевать не можите. Пусть администрация решает официально, НО моё мнение эти блоки нужно запретить до бана, за использование после запуска запрета, и блокировать на сервере.