Blueprint Factory Resources not carried over

I had a ton of iron/sath in my blueprint factory - it seems they didn’t make it over to the OCD after the 5.0 wipe.

Ah okay I just posted in that other topic about it as well. I wasn’t sure that mine were transferred either because I had soooo much in it and when I looked in my OCD now it didn’t look like it.

Yeah I put almost all my iron into the BP factory as it was easier than OCDing it…so it was pretty easy to see ~800k iron missing

I lost roughly 480k from what I remember. But I also had magnesium (yes that’s possible) and other stuff in it.

Should be done now. Its in your OCD

I didn’t have any space in my OCD a few minutes ago… Are you sure it’s done? I assumed that the transfer was already done so I filled my ocd again.

EDIT: I got at most 100k iron ingots (unless OCD update is slow on web) instead of the half a million I had.

Unless my memory is very bad, I’m missing like 80% of the blueprint resources.

is there an official place to report this kind of thing? or just the forum? I too am missing everything from the blueprint factory. . . as well as all my blueprints from before.

Sorry to bother Jascha,

I’m in the same boat, empty BP factory and no increase in my OCD. I had split between the two, OCD and BPF.



Please look closer. Also you have everything you had before.

Same for you. All was in your OCD. :frowning:

Guys please make SURE BEFORE you complain that its valid. I have no time to check all OCD of the last day to find out everything worked.

There was a problem with the transferal after wipe, since the tool did not have the current values. Thats why some got some stuff but not what they actually had. Yesterday evening i fixed it and transfered all the missing Ressouces. And i checked now 5 complaints (that there was nothing in their OCD or not the right amount) and each time i find out: All was in there.

So IF you really still have a problem (and there might be a few who played yesterday morning) then let me know. BUT CHECK FIRST. and make sure there is really really something/ or a significant amount missing.

Thank you for your understanding.

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