Blueprint is blocked on server



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What happened:
=> I spawned a ship from workshop when I started, took everything off besides the skeleton of the ship. Remodeled the ship from there using combat steel and xeno steel. As I worked on it I kept saving the blueprint by overwriting it. About maybe 4 weeks ago I noticed I could not spawn the ship I created in the server.

Player(s) with issue:
=> Ronin Mike, LMs

=> NA

Time (cb:time):
=> About 4 weeks ago or so

=> I rebuilt it in Lawless HQ orbit

Structure Name(s):
=> Red Dragon

Structure ID(s):
=> 14853098

How can we help you now:
=> I want to know why I can’t spawn the ship I built on the server, is there anything I can change or is it some bug. Its a class 3 ship and legal from what I understand. With the season coming to an end soon, I’m just going to miss her, at first when it happened I did not think much about it, until now… I’m going to really miss that ugly sponge of a ship. Rescued our downed guys a couple of times in pvp area while being shot repeatedly.


Xeno steel i belive.

Go to creative, spawn there and remove the xeno, the save the ship to a new bp and try to spawn that on the server.

Ps: end of season? I belive we are more mid season


Does the season end March 13th? If it does it’s like 4 weeks from now kinda goes fast for me at least.

Before I built the Red Dragon ship I was building another one, which I saved the blueprint then dismantled it. This ship also had xeno steel all over and I can spawn that ship with no issues. What is it about xeno steel then? Is it bugged?


Xeno is not allowed on this server to be spawned in a blueprint to provide that block a kind of rarity.


Xeno should be fine to spawn.

But it might be legacy stuff like Ramp blocks

Use the “prefabinfo ‘blueprint F2 name’” command to find out why.

Season ends on 17th March if all goes right.


I didn’t know that honestly, when did xeno get added to the spawnable structure list? Couldn’t have been too long ago.


I think since ever. I think the confusion comes from Xeno been blocked for OCD. That is allowed since HWS 9 again.


I don’t know how to use this sorry.


Do you know how to open the ingame console?

There you type that command.

My blueprint:

My console:


Perfect got it.


So Eleon did something smart with 9.4, the vessel can be spawned now.

Thanks for your help.


Glad to hear.
I also found an inconsistency in the Config (also in Vanilla) about spawning BPs.

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