Blueprint-Spawning on Iceworld/Desertworld


i´ve got some problemss with spawning HV-BP on those two worlds. I tried to spawn a Drill HV there, once on each planet (Mk2Compact-Drill-Concept -out of the Workshop), and each time it showed me the blue Box, said “Created” and then i had a Discon, was kicked and no BP was spawned at all. I found no info anywhere, that you cant spawn BP on both of those planets, so i guess thats buggy.

Maybe someone has got an idea, why this is happening. (ran out of ress, else i would have tried again, but warped home afterwards)

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this is sadly still a bug happens from time to time.
No idea why or when but there is a kind of a workaround to it:

Happened to me twice in the homeworld system lately. A 3rd time - after 30 secs or so I took a few steps back and the ship materialised.

If you didn’t burn the BP try again. If it did wait abit. I had to wait over minute for
spawn to occur there.

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