Blueprint timer completely reset after server reset today

Hi all,

Firstly thanks to the admins and devs that have worked speedily to sort out the issue from the latest update. Your hard work is definitely appreciated by many :slight_smile:
So onto my question…

I had a Blueprint in the factory, started on Saturday, due to finish this morning.
I logged in earlier today and spawned it only THEN to realise the issues with the update, that the EU server was only being left on for testing purposes and that later today a reset back to 9am would happen. So I think never mind, I’ll just respawn it later. However on logging in the game produced an error message in the top right of the screen, similar to the ‘blueprint production finished’ one but instead saying the ‘blueprint is missing or has changed’. I know that neither of these things are true but ive never had this error before. Fortunately the materials from the BP have been reimbursed (thank you!) but annoyingly il have to wait another 28 hours for it to finish.
My question is, have you heard of this before and is there anything i can do to stop this happening in the future?

Happy to submit logs if requested.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:



that happens because blueprints are also saved on client side. So if you play with your account from another pc or if the server changes due to backup everything that is not the same between server/client from the blueprints will be taken away.
Sorry for that, but we did not want to close also EU server today.

No apology needed, I know bugs and mishaps are to be expected and you guy’s already work hard enough to improve our experience in mp.
So basically if i’d not placed the blueprint there’s a good chance I could have avoided losing it. Thanks for explaining :slight_smile: