Blueprints in progress always disappear if I shut down server

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What happened:
=> Hey all - thanks so much for the help and for this AMAZING game. I’m having a relatively small issue but it is keeping me from building new ships, so it is a bummer. When I begin production in the Factory, it counts down as normal, but if I shut down my server (I’m running the server on the same PC as my client) and return, the blueprint almost always disappears. The resources do remain, so I’m not out anything, but I physically have to play long enough to build a blueprint. I’ve been restarting a 4-hour SV for almost a week now but haven’t been able to play for 4 hours straight :slight_smile: I know blueprint data is stored clientside, so this really doesn’t make sense. Only one time did I try to use a different PC but the problem happened just the same before and after. I’m including a day’s logs in case they’re helpful in some way. (attached at the very bottom of my post)

Player(s) with issue:
=> thetastycat

=> Sorry, not totally sure what info is needed here - I’m running a dedicated server on the same PC as my client.

Time (cb:time):
=> This happens continually, so it’s not one specific time

=> Again, really sorry, not sure what this means! Our home planet was Zircis…

Structure Name(s):

Structure ID(s):

How can we help you now:
=> Is there something I can do to help everything save correctly before I quit as the client? I’ve just been going to “quit”, then shutting down the server and saving…surely I’m doing something wrong?

Thanks so much for all of your patience - I truly appreciate the help! (194.3 KB)



I’m sorry, but this is rather a question for the Empyrion Forum (
You are here on the HWS Server/EAH forum.

If it really deletes your blueprint progress than you might want to create a bug ticket in the Empyrion forum. I’m not aware of that issue at the moment.

Well I am a huge doofis - my fault! Thank you very much for taking the time to respond. I’ll get on the correct forum!

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