Bob's little guide to ninja mining

Are you mainly a PVE player but would love to have the ability to mine the resources in PVP zones? Well my friend i have a guide just for you! Over a few seasons I have enjoyed the benefits of being able to stealthy mine resources in PVP zones. Take these tips and add your own ideas to make the most of your adventures.

First and foremost, the main rule of PVP zones is “Bring only what your willing to lose.” Keep minimal supplies in your hot bar and backpack and always have an escape plan. Before leaving the safety of PVE, it is very important to set your home spawn every time you join the server or CSW over to another. In game home spawn has a tendency to be quirky at times. Thankfully we have the cb:sethome and cb:gohome commands. Find the base or CV you would like to be the “When all else fails, I end up here.” spot. Search for the ID by using the Statistics page of it’s control panel or the HWS Connect’s structure commander. Use the command cb:sethome:#### replacing the #s with the ship’s ID. This will allow you to use the command cb:gohome to warp back to your home spawn. This command can only be used after you have been killed and you only have up to 2 minutes after respawning from a death to use it. Try to snatch your backpack if you can before you go.

The next most important thing is the F2 factory. I have built what I refer to as my disposable army that I keep several copies loaded ready to spawn. Each designed with a specific purpose to be used then destroyed/recycled. I use a multitool to rip them apart and stuff back into the factory for rinse and repeat functionality. The egs:recycle command is very handy for this as well but level 5 is required for instant use on any playfield. The variety of ships is up to what you are mining and where you plan to do so. Universally you need a transport SV to take you from system to system either via the K warp function or the very nice HWS super gates. (The super gates remove the need for a warp drive, saving resources and time.) Then comes the mining ship. Pick your poison. Space or planet. Have a ship for what you prefer but I recommend having both in the event one option is a current hot zone. I strongly recommend a bare minimum CV with only the following devices: All 5 med stations, a shower, and a toilet. Stamina tables/chairs are handy as well. This provides a type of field medic that can be spawned nearly everywhere. And lastly a small motionless construction CV for building items on the fly. 2-4 advanced constructors with no thrusters or RCS. A base is nice for the furnace and ATM but are mainly for the “Ninja Living in PVP space” guide to come another time. All these builds are shieldless so pentaxid is only for K warping.

Now that we have the factory loaded with lots of goodies to tear apart, your backpack and hotbar are just as important. This can vary depending on your gameplay. I recommend at the very least a multitool with 5 charges for tearing ships apart. Depending on the sector, you may encounter relentless NPC predators that scare the crap out of you while on foot chopping up a ship. Pick the epic weapon of choice and enough ammo for a few reloads. Hunger is always fun so pack 2-5 rations. Oxygen is a debate on using a ship or carrying the O2 bottles. I prefer to keep a couple hundred of the 75unit bottles on me at all times. They can be used to fill a ship manually or save your life when drifting shipless in space. Lastly ship fuel type is up to you. How much to bring all depends on how long you plan to stay.

Now that you have the crucial preparations complete, it’s time to get to action. Pick a sector and go nuts. The main thing to keep in mind is this is PVP and someone can show up at any time to say “Thanks for all the fish.” The longer you stay in one spot, the more of a target you become. Start with short mining trips and you will be able to somewhat gage the response time of hunters as you progress. I am open to other suggestions to add to this guide so feel free to add your own ideas and share your adventures.

Never forget Rule of Acquisition #62: The riskier the road, the greater the profit.


Thanks for this excellent post BoB!!

One more thing to touch on for all you ninja miners out there, very useful. What a lot of players choose to do is go to their preferred mining location ahead of time and place tiny little useless ships. Place one of these useless ships for every ship you have that you want to mine with. When you are ready to mine (at least two hours later) come back and remove the cores you had. If they are already destroyed consider moving on and trying again, it means someone was there recently searching for them.

Those ships are very helpful to hide the core count on the play field, many factions enjoy watching the “core count” on each play field, for ten RP a day you can see a map with every play field PvE and PvP that has a number of how many structures with a core there currently are on the play field. When you place cores, someone usually comes by within an hour and patrols, seeing no PvP ships they leave. When you come in by destroying that core there is a much smaller chance anyone knows you are there.



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also another bullet to add in future PVP survival guides. keep the ideas coming!

Thank you @Bob for this wonderful mining guide in pvp.

I asked him if I could move this to the pvp section as it gives it more visibility and will hopefully help collect all the information in one space.

He was kind enough to approve of this move:

So I will now move this thread to PvP - Community Guide and keep it unlocked for others to comment on!

And please remember, anyone can contribute to the HWS pvp guide, send me a discord message with your idea and we’ll talk about the best way to put it up there!


Thanks for all the fish


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bumping this for the newcomers


bumping this again for newcomers and adding dont think I might die and lose everything. instead think I will die and lose everything because its really not a matter of “if you die” its a when scenario it is going to happen so if everytime you go out you begin by saying “I am going to die” 2 things manifest in your brain 1 when you get back and didnt die it will feel like celebration time and 2 when you do die you are prepared mentally it wont feel like a big loss because you expected it and also you hopefully prepared and lost nothing besides your ore and a few minor things easily replaced.

this is important because all to often ppl get complacent and start thinking well i didnt die the last 3 times maybe i dont have to be as careful maybe its okay if i have some extra stuff in my pack or just this once im just going to shoot out real quick im sure i will be fine and more often then not those are the times things really go sideways and then you limp back feeling defeated and angry and from what i have seen take it out on who ever killed you like it was there fault but make no mistake it was your fault you went out unprepared you got killed and you lost your stuff.

so in closing dont ever ever let yourself think maybe this time i wont die. go out believing your going to die and let yourself be surprised when you live.

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