boh...Drone swarm

hello, I think I’m at an evolutionary dead end… I should do swarm drones for advanced cores… but the technology I have is impossible to shoot down drone ships, I’ve even tried in hell planets… but even there it seems impossible to shoot down a drone tower, its shields never go down, it seems impossible…anyone give me any advice? in this server the difficulty level seems too high.

Lasers ( heavy ) For shields and manual fire for coring i can solo a tovera with a carbon ship with 65 turrets :slight_smile: the level of difficulty depends on the players game style :slight_smile: not enough firepower not enough cpu ? all factors

In Space you can kill easy the Harvesters, when u use a weapon/shield setup like the vindicator from Dadrick as example

look for hard drone spacefields with many pentaxid you will find by the most pentaclusters 3-4 Stationary and they are really easy to kill in every you can loot 2-8 salvaged drone prozessors.

but caution, all droneships with shield could be very hard cause they have firepower and they drain the shields very fast.

Hope it helps, an easier way to get CPU is by buying a considerable amount of NPC Crew at Polaris and Kenex Stations. As for dropping shields faster, I recommend using more Heavy lasers and EMP in your CV weapon compositions, the Heavy Laser works great in space and is also efficient on planets. I made a ship that if minimally well equipped will be very useful in Drone Lands, “MKL - Avenger” in the steam workshop, equip it with a little more shields, weapons, Crews for the CPU and maybe it will be interesting.

thank you for the advice, I managed to make drones, going directly to the area and destroying harvesters, the problem is that I found so many bugs … from pirate ships that destroyed immediately disappear and new invisible ones reappear that attack, same thing as invisible ships with harverster drones, plus two smaller mine ships, docked with the capital ship mysteriously disappeared in the space between a logout and a login.