Bought Planet for ITA Faction

Hallo @RexXxuS @Jascha I just bought a planet for ITA faction, how do i communicate you the details of it? Contact me via PM or discord PLS

Thanks for all the fun
Grat job guys


Best is if you contact them at discord!
They respond to allot of people at the moment, but send me (2963) your discord id and ill make sure they get in touch with you.

Thank you so much <3 =)

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thank you very much. Really appreciate that.
Rex is your contact partner in this regard. I think a PM in Forum might be the best so that its structured and nothing gets lost on the way.

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thx PM sent to Rexx
Thax for your big effords

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Rexx wich SG i have to warp to? 1-10?

Hey Archangel, please take sg:warp:don-5