Bouncing Ship, Unable to Interact

My faction and I have been working on a large ship in preparation for the upcoming starter wipe. When I logged in today to continue working on it, the ship begins to bounce around and I cannot interact with it in any way. This is going to make it very difficult to finish in the next 8.5 hours. =X

Could you perhaps move / spawn it in orbit around Earth? We can just finish it up there.

Ship ID: 15328029
Owner Faction: “Pirate vs. Player” / "[PvP]"
Time of Incident: Noticed at approximately 4PM PST (GMT-8).

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hey. Im writing oyu ingame. Can you please let me know if the problem is still there?

Also make sure that it’s power and thrusters in all directions are turned on through the registry, this often (not always) fixes this bug.

Thank you for your help everyone! An admin was able to relocate my ship for me, then I was able to get a basic generator and fuel supply on and stabilize it in orbit.

I’ll definitely be more careful in the future with building CVs on planets. =X