BOUNTY ON TheStates' head 100m


Im officially putting a bounty on TheState. Thats right, just have to kill him.

ONE HUNDRED MMMMIIiIIIIiiiiiLLLlllliiiooonnnnnn credits…

That is all


Huh. It’s true

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Now tell some startup noob how to earn 10 million, let him kill you and get 90 million from it.


Seems that is time to hunt heads on NA


Let me know when you want 20% of that, I’ll gladly shoot you for fun… Lets test out our Class one CV’s, as a TAW civil war is the only way we will actually lose our CV’s in battle.


It’s up to 200 mil


Offer for 20% still stands. Only the value of that 20% has gone up.


thats funny, his bounty is now 200m.


If reset isn’t here by Monday. Wowie will be hunting on na. >:]