Bounty on Vakharn LBP

I am placing a 150k bounty on killing Vakharn and taking his ship.

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Classic bullying, putting a bounty on one of the newer players like Vakharn who are just learning and figuring out how to make ships. This shouldn’t be allowed, people have a right not be griefed and bullied and play peacefully.

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The unsightly scrap heap that man flies is a stain on our reputation for good ship design.

It must be wiped out as soon as possible. It is even uglier than that Frankenstein thing @Xanif has been flying around in.

In fact last I saw Vakharn’s ship it had crude and offensive jizzing dicks on it which were totally not drawn by other LBP members.

I hope other LBP members pitch in to this bounty offer so that we can rid ourselves of this ship.