Brand new - The UST Traderstation!

Hello my fellow Customers,

we are very proud to present you our newest innovation - the United Space Trader “Traderstation”!
You can find the first one at the ECC Capital City!

It´s really easy to use:

Just write your Name, your Faction, the wished Item and the Ammount on the prepared LCD Panels at the side:

You can calculate the price on your own with the Pricelist at the Backside:

As soon as we confirm your Delivery and we recived the money, we will tell you the Color and the Codes for the 2-factor-authentication - the Door-Code and the Box-Code.

Just enter the Code, aim for the color and pick up your goods - the easiest way for trading.

You may ask “Why dont you use the marketplace?”. Well, thats simple. With the UST Traderstation, we can deliver high ammounts of Items for our Customers - even when we arent online. You can pick them up whenever You want. Thats another great service to satisfy our customers.

You want it? We sell it! Whenever you need it!


Z & E for 12 credits per ingot ?

That’s giving it away !

Cool consept =) =) Like it…

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how is this transaction made, do i get message from you or something when i can pay those and pick up, or do i have to give money at front ?? And how is codes delivered as there arent private messages in game ?

We Message you when the Delivery is ready and you can PM with CB:w:Name:

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After some Customer-Feedback, we´ve reworked the Traderstation at the Capital City.

Easy Instructions - no more “What the hell is this thing?”

Never miss our newest offers anymore!

Better viewable Pricelist!

Even more space to place your Orders!

Better accessibility for our Customers to claim their goods!

Thats another great service to satisfy our customers.

You want it? We sell it! Whenever you need it!


Also we are now offering our brand-new “Mobile-Multi-Box”
Fasten your seatbelts and jump back into combat faster than the enemy can reload!
Order now!!!


UST, what would you charge me for 30000 rail gun ammo? Also please friend me on Discord.

too expensive man,
i can offer same thing for 50% cheaper !

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Do i detect Nikola Tesla making a heroic turn to Empyrion life?

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