Brief summ of 7.0 Origins poll forum [Part 1]

Brief summ of 7.0 Origins poll forum - rex please pin this

  1. rex & jascha 2 loan warriors now feeling the major loss of the 3rd-Achilles
    express desires to improve origins, and ask:
    A- 3 origins:Alliance,Freelancer,Lawless
    B- 5 origins yet improve
    C- Other ideas
    Poll Summary: After 2 days the poll results: 62 voters total
    43p 69% - vote option A - clear winner
    12p 21% - vote option B
    7p 10% - vote option C
    Rexxus Information summary 2:
    RA1 - RP system will merge and vary
    RA2 - could have 2 starter planets
    RA3- Spoiler ? - Im afraid to click this
    RA4 -3 origins easier to manage
    RA5 -3 origins less depth
    RA6 -3 your role would be community dependant
    RA7 - want to hear suggestions regarding origins

Many replies over 3 days
Fulgrim, sacredglade, Gunslinger, Kogami, Elfias, Rexxus, Israel, NT, eckso,
flyingbrick2000, Blackwing, Lokiet, Shnoofn, whataboutsmee, SkulkLife, TacoIsland, Doc, FadedCalicoJack, Evo, Jascha, andreataff, _2ndLt_W.Hammer_PTF, DarkMiracle, AlexAKM, THEBIGBOSS,
A total of 164 replies by 25 people 90% replies were from Elfias, 40% from Kogami, and Gunslinger, the others varied responses.
so 35% of people who voted joined into this conversation. and most of the talking was done By Elfias, Kogami, and Gunslinger (Whos in game names seemingly differ from their forum names)
I would hope this time around these people will not simply respond to every single post, essentially spamming the post. Which is quite narcissitic, and only caring of your own views not truly listening to what others are saying. Also getting quite off topic.

F1 - Fulgrim - 4 origins, origins have warp paths
S1 - Sacredglade agrees
G1 - Gunslinger - likes 5 origins
K1 - Kogami - likes 3 origins, likes warp origin warp paths
E1 - Elfias - likes 5 origin, wants it to improve
R2 - Rexxus - can’t do custom warp paths, 3 origins easy
E2 - origins dont matter,
R3 - 3 origins better: good, neutral, bad
K2 - freelancer name sounds like money, lawless sound like pirate
E3 - 3 names:Law, Neutral, Chaos
K3 - Names are important, wants more game mods
L1 - Lokiet - 3 is good, auto-allying
E4 - naming not important
E5 - origins are only for RP,
K4 - alliances are good
E6 - saw spoiler, 3 is good,
G2 - make origins a different race
E7 - quoting human storyline
K4 - posts interesting universe design map, left pve, right pvp, with
origins/starters at center.
I1 - Israel - origins dont matter, its the alliances, pvp planet for each origin
K5 - guns are placed only on certain planets, with certain RP bonuses
G3 - likes races(asthetics) vs origins (labels)
F2 - likes restricting origin orbits, likes pve/pvp rotation, wants warp shortcuts
R3 - thanks for map, universe restrictions hard to make, if alliances can only goto a planet, there is no point if it turns pvp.
E8 - posts very nice map idea for universe!
N1 - NikolaTesla - no chanes, fix broken things, dont do major changes
K6 - its fine, guide can be edited, add patch number
N2 - old players quite because too many season changes, better, to make,
things complete, then do many incomplete ideas, where is banking perk?
E9 - class changes were needed, changing too often, is not good.
E10 - allow warp camping, this will encourage more game play
G4 - spoiler
EE1 - Eckso - easy for devs is best, put your time into dev-ing most important things.Why change now? you might change back later, waste of time.
F1 - FlyingBrick2000 - can we have origin tags in names?
B1 - Blackwing - 3 better than 5, origin planets should be full pvp
N3 - need planet, hard poi, but pve
E11 -suvive
B2 - origins should be a warzone
L2 - small change, not big, where is the plan? show us your master plan.
dont like short season, dont like new ocd limits,
R4 - change to 3 is a big fix, but lots of work, less maintenance however,
lokiet and tesla quite your bitching, or please go. Lokiet, you are changing, your believes to fit your narrative, and acting as though everyone has those beliefs. you are free to go, if you dont like it here.
L3 - rex, im not attacking you just constructive criticism
W1 - Whataboutsmee - lokiet you dont make sense, you are a cock.
L4 - simplicity is best,
E12 - the plan is fix the base game
G5- mute lokiet hes a troll
L5 - each origin has a indestructable capitol building
G6 - lokiet your posts are too long, i dont read them anymore
K7 - agreed
L6 - criticism is part of the creative process
S1 - Shnoofn - good thing about origin, are the missions you would do together
there are no missions where different origins fight, or collab. cannot identify other origins easily. should be more global rewards, daily kill count for origin, then … bonus rp that day. having origins now, is too early. 3 is good and 5 is good
L7 - If you make major changes, make that the base, then small changes from there.
SS1 - SkulkLife - people like deeper content, I like 5. varied origins, are cool.
L8 - origins dont work because they dont depend on eachother.-long rant-
L9 - im not bad
I2 - origins dont have planets to defend, we need a large indestructable base.
I hope this season is better.
T1 - TacosIsland - Grabs some space popcorn…
E13 - capitol is good for origin
K8 - ciricism is not bad, your words often come off as an attack, be more careful with your words.
D1 - Doc Tha Cock - new origin system based on actions, like easy RP method, sanc split EU server to half the players 50 per recruiting zone playfield, unite the people
L10 - skill based start was better, like before, action based origin is good, many wanted recruiting zone, pve should be hostile
F1 - FadedCalicoJack - i like 3
D2 - I like hostile pve
B3 - dont like orgin pve only, pve origins = no battles
E14 - 3, all pvp, origins defend together
R5 - auto ally doesnt work, pvpve orgin didnt work, survive team didnt work. pvp origin not good, balance is hard
B4 - you can stop unally
E15 - rest needs reward, give rep for defend, there are taxes, should be advantages, for living in hard places too.
SS2 - ban cvs from origin P,
L11 - never heard of survive team, please explain
E16 - cant turn on unally
R6 - advantages are easily exploited, you guys are too good at exploiting, i dont have time to code a smart “be there” system. cant do no unally.
we never had a pve orbit with planets. I will make POIs harder. cant have origins raid other origins, dont be crazy guys.
stopped at post 65 - seems to be quite a bit of ranting/complaining after that.

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After reviewing all of this information I had initially written down some of my own thuoghts based on what people said. However I realize now, alot of what I will write just below is now irrelevant, because Rex, has already shot alot of it down, as not gonna happen, or doesn’t work. So… rex, yea you dont need to respond to this, this is all just for reference, basically.

my thoughts on origin and starter, starter is fine, but origin planets should be allowed anyone to settle there. If there is no team fight to take it back, then, we are losing a big game play factor.

astetics(race) vs labels(origin), both are unimportant, but somehow help in the immersion aspect of the game, like having a working shower/toilet, etc. Yet you still cannot sit on the sofa.

Elfias - I like your map, it seems pretty well thought out, and if origin planets are accessible to all, could make for some great epic fights/battles!
At least a weekend rotation perhaps.
Rex - the PVE/PVP rotation was a little too long. Can you make it only Friday night, saturday, then end on sunday night? In that sense for people like me who are working every mon-fri, we have a chance to defend, But are left completely open, on monday, as per your current, rotation schedule.

Most people dont like changing all the time, But I like it, keeps it fresh, fuck the noobs who dont understand, they can choose to read the posts, ask questions, and just get involved in the community more.
Immediate changes are a reaction to immediate problems, and it shows a certain respect for quality, that simply ignoring it, and waiting, does not. In the end you have a highly polished system/product, that works amazingly.

I agree, allow warp camping, to allow for more gameplay chances,
The warp in zones are already random within a given area anywayz

Origin tags - yes i agree with this, if we are too be guilty for killing same origin, how do we know?
I agree with blackwings suggestion to make origins pvp, then just make alliances, to protect. That definitely builds relationships as well.

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Pretty effective summary nicely done.

Loriet says, the origins dont work because they dont depend on eachother. I 100% agree with this statement. example if the guardians are to defend, the traders, they must each have something that the other cannot obtain. Hence: A dependency is created. Dependencies create alliances. Without this, I agree, gonna be hard, to make it work, as intended.

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Oh nice summary.

Let me just add something.

  1. Kogami, Gunslinger, Elfias - same name on forum and in game.
  2. Yeah I spamed the thread, used it more like chat to chat with Kogami which is enjoyable. Spent afternoon of one day there and it was enough. Sorry for that spam everyone!
  3. My map is not my invention, its something somebody invented long time ago when creating PvP game, its nothing else than 1v1 map from any RTS.
  4. Reason for me being so enthusiastic is that Origins can be as well taken away if they will stay as they are now. There is absolutly no reason to have them in game in this form, they never worked so far (sorry, its hard statement and its coming from someone who loves this effort to create them, but since 1.0 it never worked). With exception of current relationship of Trader-Guardian and guilt. Rep gain and fa:supply doesnt matter, with supply being most unimportant. Forgot starting planet…thats difference only for ppl who dont have do:re. With do:re you cant die on starter unless you take some crazy risk.
  5. Origins as they are now is exactly as you said Doc…take a look, do quick consideration of which one has most lazy method to get rep, take it and go FFA.
  6. Origins and stuff around them works for new players, and for players with low server time. After some time on server it looses all impact. I think it should be direct opposit.
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It was a littlebit more. It was a performance optimization idea to avoid overcrowded playfields. Private bases would allowed in origin orbits and only one faction base allowed on origin planets. This way CVs could be banned from planets → less core number on planets. Ju had 70% private structures when core number almost reached the magical 255.

Whatever thanks your summary!

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Ahahahahah… This made me laugh out loud at work. Not EXACTLY what I said, but good paraphrasing overall.

I harbor no lasting ill-will towards @Lokiet. Just thought that should be said.


haha, IKR!! so funny when I just summed everybodys words, and some words, change, it got pretty funny! It also is so funny, when you shorten peoples long stints into just a few words, haha! really cuts down on the BS, part 2 is coming!!

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