Bring Back A PvP Centric World?

So, after living on Iceworld for 4 or 5 days, I’ve sen a little bit of action. That got me to thinking, the universe could really use another Gold Planet right now. Not because we need a dedicated “Gold Planet”, but something that has a strong enough allure to draw people to it.

With the server pop being low right now, I think it’d be a good way to increase PvP activity until the new patch and server pop increases again.



Teaser…6.0…PVP players = happy :smiley: (well atleast with what we have on offer) can’t change the game mechanics i’m afraid :wink:

You can increase the spawn rate of Gold on Iceworld though can’t you? This isn’t about make PvP players happy for 6.0, I guess what I’m trying to do with this thread is to figure out ways we can increase player activity in 5.4 so the current player base has something to do.

Lol fair enough, at this point in the universe build we can’t start making changes like that…if we have another gold fed now…the server dies

No quick fix coming 6.0 is not long off, like in every build about this time people drop off, patience is pretty much what players need to have at the moment.

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The Auctoria event will be returning in 6.0. Just saying. But in the meantime increased gold concentration would be a nice

You could design a “mega base”, or a combination of bases and spawn it on a planet. Fill that thing full of loot, and provide players a challenge/goal to take it and earn an award.

It’ll do the following:

  • Give us something to do
  • Provide us a central gathering point to fight
  • For those of us who can get along, we can coordinate to actually try and take the base.

We might not be able to increase the gold spawn rate on a planet, but there are creative ways to provide players incentive to gather in one spot.

Dark world is a great place to visit, there maybe you will find people mining gold, the planet is difficult, but the reward is good, depending on whether you can harvest up to 7 k gold per hour on a medium day … or even go to Black hole, after he cleaned and surely met people to fight, especially if he has no allies …

The time before a full wipe is always tricky.

What you will have from now (coming weekend) till 6.0 is:

  • regular POI resets (again)
  • some Aliens are on the hunt (I heard)
  • Alien Asylum on NA!
  • one POI on Homeworld as a kind of event. Made by @ALI

Maybe more if time left


There…!!! is no one on ICEWORLD XD

This full wipe, does it have impact on our devices, base, SV, CV, HV and inventory?

Full wipe is a full wipe. Whole universe goes poof.

Just wanted to add POI made with help of Grandizer and Bubu ROR faction good luck taking it down :slight_smile:

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thanks for the credit @_Ali :smiley:

i agree lol :grinning:

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what about me i helped i let you and bubu and grand have a couple of days off to go and build it lmao

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@smudgybear hahahahaha indeed !

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Sorry guys, because of a big Eleon plan I hadn’t time to do it and prepared for it properly.
I will ask now in the proper topic for participants first and try to do it asap.

Edit: here we go:

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