Bug / Exploit Reward Program - Get your reward!


Hey friends!

There are many exploits in the game that makes it sometimes quite unfair to play.
Therefore we decided that we will reward you for telling us these exploits. We on the other hand will send them directly to the devs.

What to do?
You know an exploit that makes playing unfair?
Write us a pm or email over the forum or steam. Please don’t post them in this thread :wink:. We don’t want them to spread.
Please tell us exactly how the exploit works so that we can test it ourselves.

Who will be rewarded?
For each exploit: The first one who tells us about a working exploit that we can reproduce will be rewarded.
If the exploit can only be reproduced under very special circumstances we will try our best with you to find it.
If someone else told us about that exploit already the second and third person will still receive a thank you.

Whats the reward?
It depends on the gravity of the exploit.
The bigger the exploit -> the bigger the reward.
Smaller exploits = smaller reward.
But a reward is a reward :slight_smile:

We thank you all for helping the Devs to make that Game even better!

Regarding exploit (moved)
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