Bug Report: CV speed in space

Hi folks,

I wanted to report a bug my buddy and I encountered last night. Our CV could not go more than 40m/ps in space, making it impossible to warp anywhere. For reference, this same CV worked fine in 1.5.X. We even tried adding thrusters and generators which didn’t help. Our SV’s and smaller/weaker CV were all able to go the capped 110m/ps.

We’ve tried:
entering atmosphere and re entering orbit
logging in and out
adding thrusters
adding thrusters + generators
removing all thrusters then adding them back again.

What we’re going to do later:
Take the CV apart and respawn it again to see if it might be something in the blueprint. In creative mode I don’t exhibit this issue.


Apparently this ship’s BP is bugged as it has same problems in creative as well

Update to my original post:

It looks like I’m experiencing the same issue in Creative mode which leads me to believe that this is a problem with it being a pre 1.6 blueprint.

I highly recommend everyone test their pre 1.6 blueprints in creative before deploying on the server. One other odd thing I noticed is when I deploy this ship in creative, it deploys with the front facing towards me - I’m not sure if that means anything but usually when I deploy a blueprint, it deploys in the correct orientation - the back facing you so the ship is pointed away from you.