Bug xploit on ECC orbit - NA

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What happened: I was on Sathurn Station , near traders, then i went afk for 3 mins (toilet), i ear from toilet a ship, a guy near and then c4 explosives timing, then i ear somethng like shoots and when i returned i was dead.
The guy that used bug xploits to kill me on PVE stole my backpack and leave before i respawn and saw his name.
I was trading there, so a lot in bp.
Player(s) with issue: Sr Pato
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): Today 16:06-16:09 UTC+1 (Europe time)
Playfield: ECC - Sathurn Station -PVE
Structure Name(s): Sathurn Station
Structure ID(s): Write here
How can we help you now:

  1. Ban Or reset the guy character & ocd. Im sure it isnt the 1st time he do it, (it was very quick, less than 2 mins), that was premeditated to steal a backpack in PVE, and doing that is intolerable on a serious server like HWS.
  2. Return the content of my bp, please, especially the goods of commerce and gold I had:
  • 8200 gold ore
  • 23 rocketdrone (trading goods)
  • 2 F&F charge (trading goods)
    The medkits, weapons and other valuables its not a problem, i can assume that lost.

i just looked at my player activity log, and i got credited a kill on sr pato.

I placed a c4 charge on the wall at saturn 5, after sr pato played peek a boo at one of the doors next to the traders… (it was the back room behind the trader npcs).

i do not know how this happened, nor was it intentional.
i was joking around, and not intending any harm.

also i did not take his back pack, or even know he died.
i am sorry for that sr pato

first screen is demonstrating where sr pato was standing
second shows where i placed c4

had i known anything would have happened to him in PVE, i wouldn’t have placed it.
i didn’t even know it was possible to hurt someone in pve.
as i mentioned, pato was playing peekaboo at one of the doors, but now reading his post, it looks like he was in the process of going afk, and i was under the impression he was aware.

about five or ten minutes later srpato was in global chat declaring someone had stolen his backpack, by using NPC exploit to shoot him… i asked who, and he wouldn’t say, just that someone killed him in PVE and stole it, and he was in the process of making a report.
i went back to saturn 5 to look (because i wanted to help), sr pato was standing in the same spot, i didn’t see any backpack anywhere around the room or on the radar.
at that time I had assumed that the incident that he described of getting shot by NPC, had happened before i placed the c4. Because when i returned to look around for his backpack, srpato appeared to be in the identical spot where i placed the c4 and that his report had to do with someone else.

i didn’t check my player activity log until now, because i genuinely thought this had nothing to do with me.
I am confused about how this happened.

if he did indeed lose that inventory, i will be glad to work with srpato to repay his loss.
even though I did not take his backpack, i did not mean any harm to him, physically or financially.
as I have said, this was not my intention, and i feel bad that it happened.

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Its supposed that c4, shoots, misiles, etc do nothing in PVE. The only way i know is to destroy ground and make a guy die by fall (and of course its forbiden) or being shotted by angry npcs (i tested it time ago by doing the idiot with a rifle near them). So, how you killed me only placing a c4 on PVE? the times i did with with my friends to play dumb, It did not hurt us.

I really prefer to believe your story before to think that there is someone so miserable that he dedicates himself to doing this on purpose to benefit. It is not the first time some1 do something similar in a poi at pve to kill me (sure that some are thinking about certain alliances, right?), but the difference is that you have come to the forum “to say sorry” and your story sounds true.

I was on the place of the images, because the last time i did near npcs and returned magically there were npcs dead and I had half life, if you understand what I mean.

I dunno who killed me and who taked the back pack, from toiled i only ear, cant see, and my english without translator is limited on global.
All i know is what i posted, and when i returned, the backpack was spoiled, only few statues and plants left. The “big” items, flyed with someone.

If you want to repay the losses that I have detailed, and we consider this story true (still need to know how it is possible to do that to prevent someone from doing it on purpose), for me it would be a valid solution without resentment.

The best way, would be that the one who stole the things, returned thm and so nobody lost anything, but hey, that’s a lot to ask, nobody returns almost 20 million that " have been found dumped on ground ".

well i dont have the exact items you lost.
i can compensate with credits and gold ingots and a few commodity items if you prefer.
(i don’t have any gold ore).
i only have 5 rocket drones and 5 F&F charges.
add in the cost of a yellow container for the lost rp (say 20k credits?).
let me know what your preferences are, if you want just credits that can be done.
do you play on NA or EU?

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I checked the Story,

Jeeves (aka Coco) did use the explosive, but did not take your backpack
Strakier (not sure if he knew anything about that) took the backpack then.

I restored your backpack.

Thanks Jascha, as always, nice work.

Im glad to know that your story was true and i wasnt as i thought at the beggining.
Jeeves,repay is done and all is forgiven, but better dont play with c4 :stuck_out_tongue:

(I would like to know how that happened with the damage of explosives in pve, otherwise, hope it doenst happens to anyone again)

thank you Jascha,

let me know where i can find you SrPato, i would like to repay you with a few yellow containers if i may.

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