BUGreport- Ozi Eton

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened:
=> Event begin but player Ozi already in main tower. Bug?

Player(s) with issue:

=> EU

Time (cb:time):

=> Eton

Structure Name(s):

Structure ID(s):

How can we help you now:
=> Pls check it, i think its breack some rules.

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Not sure right now.
@Jascha has to check why Ozi could enter before.

Thanks for the information.
We will fix that and this is a warning to all parties not to exploit it.

Same warning for RED, DS3, JVI, … since I see you guys did it too the days before (Sadly noone was interested in a fix, but rather in the unfair reward of the event…).

Like: jwiller, CreepyNicNacPerv, Sarjon, Korus, Ozi, Chief Recktless

The next one exploiting it will get punished.
Thanks for the honesty

u wont say what all that players enter to Middle tower without destroy any turrets ?

or what about u say ? worning for what all faction?

Excuse me, but what am I exploiting? You can enter planet before the event starts. Please don’t accuse people of exploiting without proof of an actual exploit.

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u Ozi use the BUG and lags for enter inside without destroy any turrets and push any triggers … i ask Rex check it, but i think admins dont know what all can enter to planet befor event start.

I think u fly inside in small ships when base not loding

It is not a bug, Cylvlpak. I asked you to tell me what bug you thought I was using multiple times as to not bother admins with a useless forum post. I built a HV specifically to get me into the main tower with a cockpit in the front, decoys away from the cockpit, etc… Then I just recycle the tank. You even came into HWS Voice and accused me of exploiting but wouldn’t actually tell me what you thought I was exploiting. You just kept implying I knew what you were talking about, which I did not.

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I think you answered your own question here.

It previously didn’t let you enter Eton without waiting for event to start, and there hasn’t been any announcement saying it changed.
And you only got a warning anyways. Nobody lost anything. Now you know you’re not suppost to go in there :slight_smile:

Would be nice if you mention right from the start what in the video you see as exploit.
I just checked the times and saw that people where in the Event before it started (which is not supposed to be, but a bug in our software).
But since many of different factions did it so far, no punishments, just a warning not to do it anymore and let us know about such flaws from the beginning.

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I told you I was live streaming it on HWS Discord. I can even record it but I feel it is unnecessary. I have built 15+ BP’s specific to Eton over the past years. Multiple BP’s to get me into the center tower without getting killed by the turrets. They are called decoy’s. Place them AWAY from your cockpit and the turrets won’t blow the cockpit up.

It is funny you reported this this as I have video of RED intentionally flying into the dome on the old Eton before it renders.

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How are we suppose to know it is a bug in your software? No where does it say “You can’t enter planet until the event starts”.

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Dr. Dark, how are we to know? Because of the past events? Are you saying events do not change or that we are to report any change we see in an event? You have been able to get onto planet 5 minutes before the event starts in past seasons. Edit AGAIN* This post does not involve you AT ALL, Dark. Cylvlpak was asking an admin a question. This was a report to the admin.

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That’s not what I’m saying :slight_smile:
I’m saying, that it would most likely have been in an annoucement if there were changes.

My memory might have failed me. I just don’t remember that, but I have been gone for a couple seasons, so you could be right.

I just thought I’d give my opinion, since this is a public forum, and the reason people have access here and not just admins is so the community can help :wink:

But alright. This’ll be my last reply.

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Who from JVI has used this? I’m not sure any of our players have known about this exploit, it’s been a topic of conversation as to how Ozi was managing it. Clarify please.

It is not an exploit. Manage what, exactly? Entering planet or getting into the POI? I just explained how I get into the POI. I did this during season 9X often when outnumbered by other factions. This is nothing new, just for EU I suppose.

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tenor (31)

Thanks guys
I understand that it can be a misunderstanding and not known to all that its not supposed to be that way. The bug anyhow was rather simple for all to join then.
We will change the event settings until its fixed (in A12) so its not a “privilege” to a few to enter the playfield that early.

But no need for any further discussions…

These are some of the players I directly saw:

but as said: no need to get deeper into that. Obviously many did not know about it in the first place