Building mistake

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What happened: Built Space Base sideways
Player(s) with issue: Dawg
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): 12:14 CST
Playfield: PVP
Structure Name(s): Space Station 7.0
Structure ID(s): 11461686
How can we help you now: Ok so I built my base in creative. Did not realize that I built it sideways. Meaning the top is on the left and the bottom is on the right. I already have it spawned in game. Is there anyway to have this corrected on the server without having to manually do it?
Also is there a way to rotate the BP in creative to fix the issue with the BP?
I know this is really not a server matter but hoping to get some help/answers.

It’s space thou orientation doesn’t matter drop a grav gen in the right direction and wam should feel normal, spawning ships on it will work just the same so also not a problem, only difference is you will have to have a wall garden for your plants, which is kinda cool :slight_smile:

yeah you would think but sadly with grow plots dont see it that way. They rotate just fine but the plants will only place on the side of the plot which would be where they should go if I did not mess up.


Only way to fix a base or vessel that was built in the wrong direction is to take it apart and rebuild it the correct way.

or! what if he used the copy function under ‘n’ to grap parts of it then build the core then paste those parts onto it, havnt tried it but might work.

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