Bunker and underground base leading to bunker

First of all i have to say that i respect your wish us to remove that or remake that. We will obey.

But…I would like to know where is the problem.
Under current conditions BA build under terrain on GG is immortal without using any exploit to get or dig inside somehow. Or I dont know how to get inside anything under ground so i feel like there is no difference.
(so far i know i can dig with HV plasma turret, not sure if it still working but CV miniguns can kill cores underground, and some more ways) but lets consider this being exploit as it shouldnt work like that.
I might overlooked but so far i dont know about any rule about putting all above ground so I belive its legal to dig build underground and wait for wipe to seal all with terrain and thats it, its basicly bunker for free.

Now its really possible I again dont know about some rule but its nearly impossible to keep track with changes. Little feedback to forum, would be very usefull to have option to sort all announcments by date as i strugle to find stuff. I tried hard but wasnt able to find any way, i know aproximetly when changes was made but as i dont know how to sort it by date I find it hard to find. But I was never good with forums so problem might be on my side.

Back to bunker. I hate it. Equipment is unadequate, too few boxes for our needs, 10 is just for resources, no for ammo. Too few constructors, too few furnaces, no medical.

Medical can be solved by putting some garage ship inside. It works like this: After exiting HV I have to kill myself as i fall through floor, before suicide i have to put my backpack into some of overfilled boxes, usually its fridge. I die. I spawn in hull of proto Q nearby and relog. After 5 minutes of strugling after exiting HV im able to play again.
Medical bay in bunker would help me and considering who owns bunkers I dont think its gamebreaking in any way. We dont care about anything else than just spawning some vehicles and go to lag around a bit with SWP and RED.

Cargo boxes. It doesnt help much. Its too few. Its not a problem to go trough 2 cargoboxes of rockets in hour, then there is plasma and 15mm, its hundret of thousands. Its more than inconvinient, its tedious. Again, no problem to spawn SV with 50 cargoboxes and fill it up. And move it to bunker or vehicles. It only takes hours and its not much of entertainment.

Constructors/Furnaces - too few, we are not talking about 2 stacks of iron here. Right now im heading to GG with daily supply of 30k of each resource and thats just me. It is tediuos really, I can spend whole day trying to somehow fit it all in, but i need to fit it in as war is costly.

SO for this reason we are trying somehow build a base around and under to somehow make game enjoyable and solve all this problems. I would say its a bit different for us who spend thousands of hours on server, we play different game that rest of players, we have different amounts of resources. I can go to GG wreck 10 HVs per afternoon and I dont care, I still end with surplus and 10 SVs to wreck.
We dont care about resources and anything else, we have nothing else to do than go to GG and visit our RED friends to engage in fight, we have nothing to win and nothing to loose. Our fun is to take all those thousands of materials to GG, spawn and load vehicles and wreck them just for sake of that. We dont hunt newbies, we are not on any other playfields, its just ECC and GG.

Would be nice if we can somehow buy more equiplment, new expanded, upgraded versions of bunker or something to not struggle with all the logistic around this.

Now you can say its not intended to be fully equiped base, its just safehouse with badly working doors. And you would be right. Problem is that with current mechanics 1 BA is matter of 5 minutes for 5 players, its defensless. And im not going to spawn base everyday, load it up, do all that boring stuff to be able to lagg around for 2 hours and thats it.

Sorry for being a bit too much negative Rexxx but thats how i feel about this whole matter.
I think we can offer some ideas, wishes, whatever to adjust it all a bit. Doesnt have to be 100 boxes, might be something like empty bunker at start, and for some ammount there can be resource storage maybe with 10 boxes at least one large for each. empty room upgraded for some credits to Mod bay, for some more scaner, not that theres any use for them but just for the fun of that.

Anyway thanks for update of bunker, time to go moving stacks again.

What changes are you missing?

Everything is communicated. All rules are on the rules page.

Rule: no base or stuff in the bunker such as constructors inside a bunker. Period. Did I miss it in the rules? Have to check. Thought it is common sense and your faction got warned about it in HWS 6 already.

Regarding Bunker complains: you don’t have to buy one, keep this in mind. And it was never meant as THE Base for you to be perfect and best and big and awesome.
It was just meant as a secure place to survive anything for a whole season. All the rest is up to you.
If you want an invincible base on a PvP planet with all your wishes that is called OP = Overpowered.
It would destroy the purpose of PvP.

Medbay / Clone Chamber was also discussed… we think it would be too OP and with some of your Garage ships you have that option yourself already.
If it is in the bunker it would mean a free ammo drain possibility for some people.
It’s all about fairness.

Regarding Bunker versions: as already said, in HWS 8 we will offer 2-3 different Bunker versions with more or less same equipment.

It’s cool that Bunkers are more requested than anything else and I also have to think about a way of how to give them away in a better way. If you have a suggestion let me know. For now maybe I go with a List Randomizer tool. First comes, first serve until now isn’t good anymore.

But overall it should still be PvP = risk and losses. If everyone has a Super-Bunker then it would mean a different game.
Maybe that game is requested, maybe that can be implemented then in a better way than a Bunker but then it’s a different topic.

Bunker are just bad for pvp… the new ones are just REALLY bad you can shove 100 ships in there now

None of the risk all the rewards … i say remove them from gold because of the nature of the planet.

About constructors and furnace. You can buy garage SV (2mil cost 4 constructors 4 furnace + cargo boxex) and put 3-4-5 of it SV into the bunker. 1 Problem solved. You can clear the space around the garage SV with the medbay for prevent stucking - 2 problem is solved. :wink:

Thats what we have of course. I dont like this solution, playing the game became absolutly tedious on all fronts, I would survive it if its not everywhere, but for me nothing is working the way i could enjoy it. I have enough of workarounds, problems, glitches etc.
Whole thing with base was done to get at least something working without investing hours of time, clicking thousand times, reloging, freezing, waiting for window to open a bit too slowly.
I would say I hope NPC crew will improve whole situation, but now ill just say i hope solar panels will help it.

I dont know, its more like end of the road and not only for me, starting to be clear its not heading dirrection we wanted, which is ok as long as at least someone will like and enjoy. I wont.

I know what you mean

Somehow i would reather press Tab and wait minute or 2 than strugling to walk in basement and wait minute or two for box to open. Its similar just that walking is not present, would be improvment for me.

Whole thing was about at least some convinience, but that wouldnt be Empyrion. I know im salty, but its simply impossible to not to be, everyone is.

I might put it in hangar, and hope that doors will close. ALso i can spend some hour or 2 after HWS by trying to find the way how to shoot through doors to be sure i know some countermeassure and ill find something there in morning. Etc…

You can see roof is from armored glass, maybe its device, maybe it acts as device, maybe it will stop some fire coming through walls or something, who knows. But im a bit tired of that all.

Anyway Rexxx thatnks for your effort, bunker update with coridor leading to basement from hangar is good, its convinient, i dont have to go up and down in 3 fps and thats basicly all im talking about here.

:grinning: This additional hangars - it is for additional ship storage. Main access from the main hangar (upper). But yeah i reamke it again some time ago - with coridors. IDK but for me Bunker it is additional hideout. It is not a BA with GODMODE. Yeah i can put 100+500 Constructors, Furnaces, boxes, Medic, Repair, bays and 50 Missile turrets. But in this case for what we need PVP at all? IMHO bunker (even the first) it is owerpowered itself. Like some of our old member (lady - Tatyana) after the visiting Homeworld say me at the 7.0 Start - WTF? For what this HOLLOW? They like a bees. Fly from it and if something goes wrong run and hide into it. So they cant be defeated. What point of any actions if you cant have a complete “win” :joy: