Bunker filled with sand?

Our bunker on GG has been deleted or something. All our resources are gone and it is filled up with sand.

We lost about 1/2 million of resources in our crates… Can someone explain what happend ?

That some planets got a surface wipe is no surprise.

But that it is empty can’t be answered. Maybe a thief in your faction. Nothing from our part.

That is something i thoght of first. But usualy you have something left then. If someone is steeling there is always something left somewhere. Now i cant see everything due to the sand but it looks deleted.

With our bunker this happens, all the resources are gone
Clan nobody took 100%
I RexXxus wrote about this

hmmmm… the bedrock is also spawned there… ohoh…

Why your stuff is empty: I don’t know again.
Check your intruder logs. Maybe one guy found out how to clear them? But that wouldn’t make sense since it was locked, factioned, etc. Sounds like a thief. I see here that some stuff was left in the constructor also zappe.

But regarding the top Bedrock layer hmmm problem… have to think about that

For now I have no better option than remove the sandwich feature from golden globe…
the whole surface wipe becomes not so good… hmm

So @zappe21 and @Mak I just did again the surface wipe on golden globe and it has nothing to do with your empty Bunker.
There is for sure someone stealing your stuff. Maybe family share account into both of your faction.
I don’t know.
If you have more suspects I might investigate longer.

Rexxxus Make my bunker privatre to me while il check it.

We are not so petty that would raise because of this noise, I just told @zappe21 what’s happened to us too.
RexXxuS I think it’s not worth your time and effort :wink:

I put some gold in the furnace when i was there… Thats about it. Everything that i can see is gone.

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