Buying a drone


I’m finding a good portable drones for my trips to take picture
And I found this list:
Best commercial drones
Can anyone give me some suggestion? My first priority is camera

I have bebop 2 from parrot. Absolutely love it. it has a hd camera, with digital stabilization

yh make sure you need one… buddy’s of mine bought drones, they all are collecting dust now, dont think they put more than a couple of hours on them, after the initial hype… there’s not much to be done with it… unless you got a job for it/are into photography.

I’ve got the DJI Mavic Pro and absolutely love it. Best drone I’ve ever flown, super stable even when it’s giving you high wind warnings (25+ mph) and a great camera! It has a slightly smaller FOV than the PHantom but it’s so much smaller and folds up that thebtradeoff is easily worth it. Feature rich and an amazing drone made by the leaders in professional and prosumer drones.

If you’re mainly worried about camera, the GoPro drone has a detachable camera (GoPro) that clicks into a handheld electric stablizer to give you fantastic video footing on foot as well as in the air.

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Cool, I’m really into DJI Marvic