Cabose preventing access to Commodity Trader

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**What happened: Cabose was standing at the Commodity trader on Saturn Five preventing anyone else from being able to access it by keeping he trader screen open constantly.

When asked to exit the vendor Cabose refused, he claimed that it wasn’t against the rules and that “He learnt it from the russians”. I and a few other players told him it was against the rules (Brucy was someone else who told him it was against the rules). He still refused to close the trader window so that others could access it.

The trader in question was the PVP Trader on Saturn V

**Player(s) with issue: Cabose
Server: HWS NA
**Time (cb:time): 14:03
**Playfield: ECC System
Structure Name(s): Write here
Structure ID(s): Write here
**How can we help you now: I would appreciate it if you would make it clear that this is against the rules. It can’t possibly be how it was designed to allow a player to set there all day interacting with the vendor, doing nothing but waiting for loot to appear.

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Hello @Google_Brox

to clarify: it is not actively against any rule yet.
It is just really bad manner and does not deserve any respect of course.

The issue at the moment is:
the Commodity Traders I have integrated the first time in this season were more successful than I thought.
Hence there are not enough, hence there are bottlenecks.
I am working already on the 2.0 patch, integrating more of them.

So for now deal with it with creative gameplay methods… I’ve heard Traders have weapons too, no?


About shooting them, may scare them the first time, but the traders have pretty good aim and won’t hit through another player body. Any smart “evil” player that is doing actively the blocking of traders can just ignore the shooting because they won’t get hit at all.

There is not really any workaround for this kind of gameplay.

Thanks for the reply RexXxus. It seems strange that someone is allowed to sit there with the vendor window open for hours on end (never letting it close).

Seems like locking other players from PvE content would be against the rules but I respect your ruling on the matter.

Keep up the great work :slight_smile:

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