Call for more admins / new admin for HWS!

Hey guys,

sunday evening but big announcements here and there :wink:

The devs need time to fix these urgent bugs but HWS is growing faster and faster. We NEED help to give you all a good experience even though it is an alpha game. That is what HWS stands for.

So if you or anyone you know of may fit the position as an admin please let us know in any way.
Basically we have 3 states.

  1. Forum Moderator / Community helper
  2. GameMaster / Moderator permissions in the game
  3. Full Admin with Remote Desktop access (Tool access).

We decide what route we going then and see what fits best.
Of course it needs a lot of trust and here and there we see how you doing in game already (helping noobs out for example).

Just remember that being an admin is mostly a full time job. So yeah you can play still for your own but it will change! Jascha and me sadly don’t play at all anymore… so there is a high price for being an admin of course.
Never ever we allow admin abuse also. So keep all that in mind.

We hope there are other crazy guys out there who sacrifice their life for you all :heart: :sweat_smile:

So the good news: We already found one - haha x)

Statler (from NA) was very helpful lately and voluntary becomes an ingame admin / forum moderator. We give it a try and appreciate the support! Thanks!

Your HWS Team

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I’m glad your branching out admin staff since US Server has basically been not adminned for a while (good to see Iozz back now!). I would ease Full Admins carefully, and require them to document their actions for your review to better make decisions on whether they are worth the hassle of having them. All it takes is one scandal of a bad admin to totally ruin a server, so do be careful with whom you select.

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All of you know jascha and me and how we act (or not act ;)). Also you know Candy and iozz. Good guys.

So like you can critize us you can critize the new admins. We are always listening.

Ohh, this sounds pretty interesting. I wouldn’t mind helping on the forums if there’s anything I could do, other than that I spend most of my time helping other folks in-game, albeit I am a little new to empyrion in the sense that there’s probably a lot of stuff I don’t know, I have like 100+ hours in the game though.

Anyway, see y’all out in space!

Also, feedback wise I can’t really offer anything too critical, as a lot of the situations admins are needed are usually the result of alpha’s bugs which for some reason folks can’t seem to understand sometimes.

Keep up the good work folks!

I think the top issue I’ve seen requiring an admin is people trying to reset their character (cb:reset) and something goes wrong. Less often has been server issues, though that just happened now…playfields disconnected everyone and won’t except connections.

Note: NA server is at its peak when Rex is asleep. 74 players tonight before the server got sick.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity. I look forward to helping those in need and hopefully growing the NA population.

Happy to have a chat about being an GM/Admin - can definitely be a forum mod. Weekends I am around a little less as I am at home but during the week on evenings I am pretty much around 5+ hours. Will jump on the new discord this evening for a chat.

Happy to help where needed. Can be around for about 15-18hrs during NA time.

Wow, really appreciate all your offer to help! Really needed. We will come back to you directly :slight_smile:
Thanks again!

You know, I do see you every time I log in… sheesh :stuck_out_tongue:

:wink: Hah!

If needed just ask and you shall recive my help :slight_smile:

I would love to help out with admin duties. Unfortunately I work about 40-55 hours a week so i dont known how much time i would be able to dedicate to admin’ing. Otherwise I gladly help in anyway i possible can.