Calling all Freelancers

4.0 the Freelancers have been fighting for the resistance.
the empyrion galactic Council has failed.
the Guardians are allied with the Pirates.
we as Freelancers can choose our destinies.


Maybe if we joined, we could do something more, in 5.0 I went from the guard, but in 6.0 I chose the free side of the thing, my fellow mercenaries are mostly off, due to the many changes in empyrion, I fear some never came back, but I think I can still count on some. 7.0 soon comes and we’ll see how things go on … I miss the time I was pirated the fighting and conflicts, always in deep space …

we as Freelancers are the new Guardians and we can’t decide what path we choose.
I am always willing to help new players out what I don’t want them to be The pawn of War.

How does the alliance mechanic work anyway? I am feelancer but I made a faction, am I green to other freelance factions?

sorry for the late reply.
you can leave your alliance and join another one.

So I can join an alliance and keep my faction. But will I be green or red to alliance in pvp?

no you only can be a part of one faction I believe