Calling out OP4 to Combat

Why dont you try and attack us when we are online instead off offline rading.

I will be waiting tonight at 23:00 Server time and see if you dare to attack us when we are online or if you realy just are a coward and bad shipbuilder that flyes over to EU to offline raid.


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@colin2cold This is your calling


Your tears are delicious

I am happy for you

Tears ?`For what. we dont loose anything… Everytime OP4 has been here i recycle everything and we are back.

But offline rading seems to be the only thing OP4 can do. Maybe OP4 is afraid of us.

So by writing this i am atleast giving them a chance to prove themself and show EU that they can do something else then offline raiding.

So far i will call them chickens until they come out and fight.

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Op4 raids bases as soon as they locate them. Whether the owner(s) are online or not doesn’t
matter. Once Op4 commits to a base raid that base is as good as gone whether it is defended
or not.

My question is if you are offline when Op4 raids how are you able to recycle everything to avoid
it being taken?

well op4 always leaves the stuff cored or uncored. And for me its easy to recycle it then… Even if the stuff are cored its easy to replace the cores.

Matt, Zappe bought an recycle all command from Rex to recycle any structure, ship in pvp or pve that goes straight into ocd

Well we will defend it if you attack so please come and have some fun.

Well they just gave you the location, so no excuses for cowardice now :]


Oh, OP4 are scared little bunnies? I guess they can’t kill anything online. Or armed. Prove me wrong!:rabbit2::rabbit::rabbit2:

Dont feel bad they would of offline raided us but least there was 2 of us vs 7 of them. Fought them off for couple hours just for them to snipe all turrets. Then they tried raiding the base only to claim it was “Illegal” so they have a Admin delete it lol.

If an admin deleted your base, then something illegal was found.

wonder how u found something illegal about their base, maybe it was through this exploit you guys admitted to using?

oh btw they don’t like a challenge, they told me ok you guys have 1 day to build a base then we’ll attack. guess they were afraid of us actually completing it so they raided us while we still only had 3 turrets down, definitely not 1 day from then lol.

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Are these pics supposed to prove something? All I see is a ignoramus standing in a tunnel.

Oh and @RexXxus. Let me remind you you also have a duty to promote a "fun and positive " experience for HWS and HWS forums. This entire post is nothing but negativity and I personally would feel more at ease and less hostile if this post and any future posts was removed and prevented

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UMC is still butthurt?

Your bases were deleted because your core was buried in the bedrock that could not be touched.
Your faction had already abandoned the battlefield so the deletion of your base was admin choice
not Op4’s we wanted to finish looting them.

Then there were those underground turrets clip firing through terrain. The video I posted clearly
showed the fire was not coming from the ditch but rather from underground. The quality was shit
as I don’t care to upgrade discord to post at better quality. A clearer copy is available to
Admins that showed beyond all doubt where the fire was coming from.

Regardless of all these factors what remains is UMC had already lost those bases long before admin

Don’t feel bad we still love you guys. If someone comes takes over your donor planet from you again
you can still call us to come clear them out. We will most likely occupy your planet again like we did
before the last wipe. I don’t understand why the planet owner remains in UMC when you wouldn’t
even help defend it from RAT.

Nope :slight_smile: Concordia belongs to me.

Your complacency towards the rules and being respectful is … I know you are just acting ignorant and know what is happening here, but in case you really don’t I’ll explain it to you since I didn’t have the time when I posted it.

DEFINITION: A Bug or Exploit, for the purposes of HWS Law, is defined as “Any mechanic, whether executed in or out of game, which creates a condition that was not an intended functionality of the game OR HWS Server features.”

I’m sure you know of the bug where if you land your ship upside down on the ground you can see through the ground.

I see on the minimap an op4 sv approach from above and just start chillin above the ground where I am. It was colin, if that matters, I say “better not be looking through the ground at us… that’s an exploit”

colin responds: “oh we arent, just chillin upside down, nothing against that.” (obviously colin knows thats how the exploit is achieved and is being sarcastic and complacent towards the rules.)

taco describes it as “its no different than using page down”?

Does that explain it or are you still going to be ignorant and disrespectful (for what reason again btw? just because you feel untouchable?)? edit: last question is obviously rhetorical