Campers on earth

Since the closure of the police until 5.0 there has been an alarming increase off people returning to earth and camping the planet to farm. I noticed a conversation in chat where someone mentioned that it was because it was a law and not a rule.
I’d just like to point out to everyone under this disillusion that it is infact a server rule under section 2.2 no player is to return unless to help or offer a new player a ride, even then CVs aren’t supposed to enter the planet or be situated in orbit for more than 24hrs. Vets are only allowed svs’s on the planet.
Exceptions are made for players providing farms and such but the CVs I have been seeing clearly don’t hold a farm to support anymore than a single player.
I have also notice a drastic increase on the amount of supplies being taken from auxilio but funnily enough the average amount of new players hasn’t really increased.
I’d just like to add that the players who do this are blatantly selfish and have no regards for anyone but themselves. This will in my opinion decrease the enjoyment level new players have on the server as they cannot build milky way is now at full capacity. Mars seems to be clear but seems unfair to force new players into a more hostile environment if they want to build a base just so vets can camp and build where they aren’t supposed to be. You could say the fact that alot of them seem to be alliance and traders is additional insult to injury as the ethos of both factions includes helping or protecting new players, where as these players are providing them with nothing but a hindrance.
Sorry for the rant but someone had to say something and selfish people bug the shit outta me lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Report them to admin (not to police).

Going back to noob areas to farm is breach of rule #1 (is not a law) and on top of that it is a serious offense as it gives up to 1.302.000 ingots a day per faction member including the rare ones that can be safely farmed (sath, neo, etc). Screenshot + report so they can be punished/banned including retroactively (because it’s breach of rule #1, major exploit).

Police is closed but admins will still punish serious offenders and this is a very serious offense. Closed police doesn’t mean you can now dupe and farm starter areas and what not.

Worst case is, I witnessed some alliance doing some of that…

Cool I’ve collected a few screen shots over the last couple of days and will take more of any I see then I’ll message admins. Makes it harder for people who actually intend to help new players, like I said I’ve noticed a large increase in things being taken from auxilio but only since the closure of police and more vets returning to earth. Hell if any admins read this post log on and have a quick look around earth you will be shocked at A the amount of vet CVs there and be quite a few resource nodes have a pile of auto-miners on them way more than I’ve gave to new players

Admins can see this really fast and yes I know admins are very busy but this is a serious offense + it’s literally listed as a major exploit in the guide (which it is).

I’m not shocked, I know what happens when players think there are no more rules… They think wrong. And the gain you can get from farming in starter planet with a few faction members is outrageously much so they will risk getting caught. I hope they all get punished.

Yup I agree I hope they all get punished too as it’s very unfair on new players, some of which have a hard enough time getting off earth before wipes as it is.