Camping on the autominer - CaptRiker

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What happened:

For at least the last week the character CaptRiker has been camping on the autominer in ECC (for T3s). I have been playing a lot lately and have picked up a few T3s, but CaptRiker just logs into the game (and pops up next to the Trader), locks people out, buys, then logs off. Note that he usually is selling 30+ T3s at a time on the market. This goes against your rules, but also against fair play. If I am there and someone else shows up we share.

Player(s) with issue:

I have the issue with CaptRiker



Time (cb:time):

21:08 on 1/19 (Happy B-day)


Structure Name(s):

Autominer Trader

Structure ID(s):

How can we help you now:

Suggest you send a warning to CaptRiker, everyone complains about him. If he continues perhaps take stronger measures



I can approve the excessive camping.


He stays in Prison until tomorrow.


Hey Rexxx, this player has been warned once already

Hey @gareth ehm… ok. And when?

@CaptRiker maybe you can clear things up?

hey here the link

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