Can not connect

Like one hour i can not conect too the server i was in deepspace for the gold planet and a restart came. I didnt notice cause there was a server connection lost before. so i was a two minutes in the game and restart came. Now if i wanna connect no answer from the eu server :frowning:

Can’t connect to NA either, loads endlessly.

i got the same problem,

Same. One the plus side I’ve been looking for an excuse to play Tyranny :slight_smile:

I have the same issue as well. I’m starting to get the shakes.

" Play " sure u just playing :slight_smile:

Hello everyone, I have the same problem server NA appears active but does not connect stays in eternal loading, and the wipe and the rotation exchange approaches and there are many newcomers in the milky way, and other ships also in space, this is happening with everyone Or just with some … RExxXuxxs where you my son, appears to save the day and night too …

I’m having the same issue with being unable to connect to the NA server. I’m nervous about the wipe…I’m on earth and had just finished my CV to leave last night, but now that I’m not able to connect I’m worried ill lose it all

Still stuck on loading, can’t connect, same for my faction mates.

Our faction got few ships in orbit of earth also…=( this is going to sux real bad if we cant move them

i feel with you all my stuff is on my cv on earth :confused:

Same here, Stuck on the “connecting to server…” screen on EU server.

NA has been down for several hours now. All I ask is you delay the next pve/pvp switchout by 1 day.

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no not only delay the next pvp/pve switch … they need to delay the complete wipe and pve/pvp switch.

so many guys cant safe his stuff that sux . i need to go work and all my items are on earth…

People still having issues connecting? I still cannot login. Is there any word on the wipe yet being postponed?

Not sure man. All I can tell you is that I suspect your not the only one :slight_smile:

I cant connect. and my CV is in Milkyway orbit. Why we all CANT Connect???

The connection issue has been on since about 11pm CET yesterday. A LOT of people would be losing their ships to wipes and planets PVE reset to PVP. I can imagine many quitting this server today.

no reason to stay here on this server after losing all his stuff, is normal Klear.

this is shit with the pvp/pve and wipe rotation if the server are so buggy at the moment