Can we ban in-game spam? (username advertisements)

I humbly request that we ban in-game spam and advertising.

A user (see attached screenshot) is spamming chat with advertisements from his username. He has been at this all day.

I wish I had an in-game adblocker.

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Since it counts as spam he gets a warning first

Here is another example of a spammer.

Not only does this idiot spam in-game chat with nonsense, he posts nonsense marketplace buy orders in order to spam his advertisements.

I would really like it if the admins took a harsher approach to in-game spam.

Thanks. Will be handled now.

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Shrimpfan here, I just want to clarify a few things in relation to the advertisement in question.
Just to be sure I have taken out the website from my name so it doesn’t cause any more issues.

The website is not empyrion related in any way, and those buy orders on the marketplace are also legitimate, and not intended to spam the website.
Also, I do not spam in-game nonsense, can I ask for proof of this specific accusation?
I feel like you are trying to push a narrative here, also calling me an idiot seems a little harsh, ive never even spoken to you personally, and have almost never used global chat.

On a side note there might be a lot of other people who join the server that have websites in their name that aren’t empyrion related. I would suggest to give warnings, because I was not aware of it being an issue on this server. No one in global chat commented about it when I was online, and there was no in-game warning telling me to take it out (some servers have this feature).

I would also like to ask for an unban if possible? so I can play today, if not I completely understand.

A shrimp in space.

There was another guy as well [quote=“RexXxuS, post:4, topic:1762, full:true”]
Thanks. Will be handled now.
[/quote] I asked that 9 days ago… Hope he is forced to change it now.

url’s in names are in my opinion spam even if you don’t spam it in global. A ban is a bit overkill though.

[quote=“shrimpfan, post:5, topic:1762”]
No one in global chat commented about it when I was online
[/quote]I did ask you to remove the url, in global.

Thanks shrimps.
The other guy I warned (in case it was not you) got it over the server messages.
Since I saw you before not active and thought that you just left the advertisement in market an playing a different game in the meantime we handled this it this way.

I unbanned you and thanks for your understanding!

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